Friday, September 17, 2010

Music Fridays

See you probably thought i wasn't going to remember about Music Friday. How could i ever really forget about these Fridays? Really? But i know you guys just luuuuuvvvv new music so let's get this party started!!!!!!!!!:D
Plug In Stereo
Plug in Stereo A.K.A. Mr. Trevor Dahl kinda reminds me of Nevershoutnever (Christofer Drew). While no one can even begin to compare anyone to Christofer Drew, Plug in Stereo really kinda reminds me of him. He's from Portland, Oregon and mind you he has such a calm voice. I heard him from searching around on this website i usually go to (if you want to check it out: and i heard his song "Oh Darling" with one 0f our Music Friday artists, Cady Groves. After hearing that i decided i must put it on my ipod ( Can't listen to it now though, ipod's dead and wire's messed up ):) it was official... I LOVED IT. I also like some of his other songs like "But I Can't". Check him out!

I See Stars

Hailing from Warren, Michigan, they combine screamo music and pop music, just my type ;) I found out about this band from where else....Youtube. I love that when you listen to their music, it has a little bit of everything, techno, screamo, pop etc. They were on the warped tour along with the likes with Nevershoutnever and others. If you like songs that give a lil' bit of everything, they are most defiantly for you, so check them out!

Hope you enjoyed another edition of music Friday, leave a comment and tell me if you like the bands or not! :)

Be sad for Gabby because she doesn't have her ipod :(,
Gabby G.

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