Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A happy little trooper!

Now Playing: The Pretty Reckless- Goin' Down

Patiently trying to slow down the days before school starts :( I love school, yes, but i don't like waking up at 6:3o in the morning at all. Especially since i spent most of my summer going to sleep at 4 a.m. and getting up in the evening xD I am excited though, i can't wait to see everybody but more than ever i can't wait to finally start my last year at that school. I mean after 8 years at one school you start to get agitated with it. New York is freaking HOT, like i'm so happy i actually got to slept last night :D
Anyways did you guys hear about Drake's wife? Yup that's right he's married but to who may be your question, take a look at the picture!
Ms. Nicki Minaj! Over the weekend, Drake and Nicki played a trick on twitter and told everyone that they were married. Me being the major Drake and Nicki Minaj fan that i am was happy but i kinda figured it wasn't true. So for all of you wondering people noooo it is not true and Drake is still available :D

So off to youtube i go, to watch videos and laugh! I am going to make the best out of these last few days of freedom :)

Enjoy ur freedom while you can!,
Gabby G

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's MJ Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here with my family, we absolutely LOVE Michael Jackson. There will never be a replacement for him and he will be dearly missed by everyone. He was such a good person to be taken away so early from the world. Today is his day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ :D

Listen to MJ's music and smile xD,
Gabby G

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everybody Knows Imma Muthaf*cking Monster

GAH! I cannot stop listening to Kayne West's song "Monster". When i say this song goes hard, i mean it goes HARD. I'm the type of girl who likes that hardcore rap and i really mean that, rap that just goes so hard. Most girls are not like me and like to listen to other stuff because they feel rap is strictly for one type of person. That's not me at ALL, you look on my ipod and i will guarantee you, you will every type of genre on it.

Kanye goes hard and so does Jay-Z, but the standout verse on this whole song goes to......take a guess ( And it's surely not rick ross or that unknown dude) yes Nicki Minaj. Honestly, Nicki just made the song what it really is: An EPIC track. Besides "Up all night" with Drake and "Bottoms Up" with Trey, her features on songs never tend to leave my mouth wide open. That was what happened when i heard her verse on this last night, like i was speechless that she went and murdered it. I really think this is one her best verses ever. I advise you all to listen to listen to this song! Have a great Saturday my people :D

Get shocked!,
Gabby G

Friday, August 27, 2010

Music Fridays: The Jerkin Edition

Yes you read correct, today's Music Friday is called the Jerkin edition because i'm writing about two rappers who make Jerkin music. If you've read my earlier posts from when I first started Gabby Luvs, then you would know that i love Jerkin music and the movement all together. JERKIN CAN'T DIE XD
Young Sam

In my opinion, there are some great rappers out there, especially new and undiscovered ones. And I personally feel that Young Sam goes hard on EVERY song he does. Like i could never listen to one of his songs and be like "Nahh this is wack", because he spits fire! Dude needs to be signed........QUICK! :D Anybody who thinks what Soulja Boy is doing is considered REAL rap obviously is crazy, listen to Young Sam and then you're listening to real rap. Like seriously, his lyrics are soooo catchy i walk around singing his songs. He keeps the jerkin movement alive and well, believe me when i say Young Sam is gonna be a name that everyone knows one day! :D
Check out his music video!

New Era

Everything i said about Young Sam is exactly the same way to describe New Era, just replace his name and the he's and his with her's and her. New Era has sick flow, too sick to ignore really xD You think Nicki Minaj has dirty lyrics? Then go check out some of New Era's songs. She deserves to be signed by now or something, i really hope she gets big cuz she has great potential to be something big. She's one of those rappers that you listen to and you're like.... "Wow, this ish goes HARD!". I have some of her songs in my music player so check that out, but also check out my favorite song from her "Get used to it".

Enjoy the music and remember new music is good music! Open your ears 2 something new, who knows you might enjoy it!

Scream YAY 4 music!,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love the tv and the tv loves me!

So today was that day where i didn't get up until 4 :) Next week tho, i'm gonna have 2 stop with the sleeping in the morning and waking up in the evening. I'm that type of person who needs to get adjusted to stuff so it becomes a habit and if i plan on waking up at 6:30 every day when school start i'm gonna need to start getting into the habit.
Yesterday i really wanted to do a post, but it was my mom's B-Day and everything was just plain chaos. I had no time to do anything, believe that. No time at all that i missed new episode of my most favorite show EVER xD

I absolutely love Degrassi, i mean i've been watching it since i was like 9 0r 10 and now i'm 14 so that's a long time for me. I even watched the old degrassi ( Degrassi Junior high and Degrassi High) online. I would be super depressed if Degrassi ended :( But that is not happening now and today is the last day of the Boiling Point. What i heard is that today's episode is supposed to change Degrassi forever, they better not dissapoint me today with the finale.

Watch TV and get happy!,
Gabby G

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain Never Go Away!

So it's been raining in NY, hard-core since like Sunday, everyone has a problem with that except moi because i love rain. It's when the weather is so nice for me to sleep in all day and do absolutely nothing! :D I would only want the sun to come out tomorrow because it's my mom's birthday! But other than that, rain is always welcome when it comes to me.

So in 2 weeks I have to go back to school :( I'm really gonna miss sleeping all day and being able to go to sleep at 3:30 a.m.I feel like this year is going to be a good year especially since i'm FINALLY graduating XD I'm pretty sure i'm only going to be happy the first day and then when the second say rolls around i'll probably be screaming "Get me out of this Hellhole!" xD So when that precious 1st day rolls around, i'll take a picture of my outfit and if you guys want i'll do a vlog before and after school :) So Tell me what you guys think in the comments!

Try and get excited 4 school :(,
Gabby G

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a sneaker head!

Replaying and Replaying Nevershoutnever's new album "Harmony" on Myspace because as we know Gabby loves him and his soothing voice! Anyway, who loves sneakers? Like i'm a girl but when it comes 2 sneakers i could care less if they were meant for boys. One of my favorite brand of sneakers is Supra, EVERYONE needs 2 have a pair of supra sneakers if ur a sneaker addict like me.
This is the pair of Supra's that i have now! :)

This is my Dream sneaker xD Ahh i want it!!!!! Bet u guys do 2!

I was searching around on Diggy Simmons' blog and i found out..... he has a sneaker line that's coming out! YAY!!!!!!! His sneaker line is pretty dope if i say so myself, but my mom says that she wants me 2 wear more girly sneakers -_- Ahh i know dope sneakers when i see them so.... xD
I think this one is super dope, just because i don't have red sneakers! Good job Diggy!

I love every type of sneaker and i don't care about the brand, point is if u make dope sneakers u will have a customer in Gabby xD Converse, vans, adidas, i LOVE them all because when ur a sneaker addict u love dope sneakers =) It's a rainy day in New York today, so i'm gonna stay in and chill, listen 2 music, watch youtube ya know the regular. Tell me in the comments what sneakers u guys like!
Psst- Me and Leandra love the word AWESOMENESS!! So that's the word of the day xD
Scream Awesomeness from the top of ur lungs!,
Gabby G

Friday, August 20, 2010

Music Friday

Yayyy!!!! It's Music Friday, it's Music Friday Boldand we all love music Friday am i correct? Well let's get it started shall we?
Sky Ferreira
Sky Ferreira is someone who i've been following for a long time now, i mean i love LOVE her music. It's a shame she isn't big yet but that's what Music Friday is all about, showing you guys out there about hot and new music! Sky Ferreira has been dubbed the new generation "Lolita" (A movie that I LOVE myself) because she's that wild, crazy 18 year old girl who makes you want to listen 2 her. If there's one thing i can say about Sky is that her music is very, VERY addictive. Check her out and tell me in the comments what you guys think about Ms. Ferreira :)
Psst... This songs has become my "Obsession"!!!
Sky Ferreira - Obsession by ileaks
Jessica Jarrell
Jessica Jarrell is someone, who like Sky Ferreira, is someone who i've been following for a long time. I always had this song on my ipod my her and i never really knew about her until a few months ago when i realized that she had a new video out and that she was only 15! I swear by it, listening to her music before knowing who she was, i could've sworn that she was like 20 or 21 even by her voice, well i see now how wrong i was! =) The video for one of her songs is in my little ipod player to the side, so you guys can check for that! But here's her new video with Aaron Fresh and Diggy Simmons!

Now you guys tell me, what do u think about Sky Ferreira and Jessica Jarrell? Tell Gabby, i always want to know ur opinions on stuff, it helps me to know what u guys like and what u guys don't like! :) See u here tomorrow!
Dance a little!,
Gabby G

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Can Get Really obsessed sometimes.......

Right now, i'm getting ready 2 watch my drizzy drake on Ustream and of course listening to Nevershoutnever! :) I found out the most........AMAZING news ever last night! Nevershoutnever A.K.A. Christofer Drew's Bday is February 11th and i know, you might be like: "And that is great news why?" because my Bday is February 11th!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE having that in common with somebody who i absolutely adore xD!! I kinda wish i shared something like that with Drake 2 cuz we all know how much Gabby luvs her Drake!

Drake "Miss Me" from John W on Vimeo.

Anyway get excited cuz tomorrow's MUSIC FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A look inside Gabby's head!

Song Now Playing: Katy Perry- Peacock

So summer is almost done BOO! If i say so myself this summer was a good one for me. I mean even though i didn't go on a real vacation like, i really did have fun this summer with my family. Every summer i learn something new and i do something i'll never forget!
I really wanted 2 make a quick post, just saying everything that's been going on in my life which is....boring to say the least. I actually do mean that, my life is no where near interesting 2 say the least but if u want to talk about interesting lives then Tatyana's got the most interesting life EVER xD But anyway, ENJOY SUMMER WHILE IT LASTS!!!!! I KNOW I WILL:) Don't worry tomorrow you guys will get a regular post
Have fun and enjoy life xD,
Gabby G

Monday, August 16, 2010

I flip through these pages like...

Today is Monday so it's kinda slow and therefore my mind isn't thinking that quickly with what new ideas to come up with and write. Boo! :( i love coming up with genius ideas, but today we'll settle for some of my thoughts on stuff:
1) So uh Tila Tequila ( Ya know the girl with the dating show a few years ago) got attacked at a concert
Justify Full

As much as i think she vies for attention WAY too much, no one deserves to be beaten up like that or attacked :(
2) Justin Bieber has a cruel side everybody! Who thought that sweet Justin could be so mean as to give out somebody's phone number?!

Apparently Justin tweeted this ^ last night to his 4.5 MILLION followers. What Gabby heard is that the phone number belonged to some boy in Detroit. Guess dude knows now DON'T MESS WITH THE BIEBER!
This is just plain wrong, all of those people straight ganged up on the girl and that boy is a lame for even touching her. That goes for all boys who decide that its alright to hit girls (Chris brown gets a pass).
This video made me cry from laughter! I love the Fly Guys! Seriously a MUST WATCH
Hope you enjoyed this post xD
Do something fun!,
Gabby G

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Wellll..... i was originally going to write about celebrities lives but as we can see that did not work. I think this post goes hand in hand with the post i did yesterday about reality shows, somewhat, because reality shows are the shows where you're most likely to see fights on TV. So let's see some of my Favorite fights:

Natalie vs Kendra, Kate and Amber
This fight was....funny 2 me, Natalie gets props from me cuz she fought all of them by herself! :) Hands down Natalie wins this round

This hands down out of all Reality TV show fights, this one defiantly takes the cake for most violent.

Point Blank Tanisha's hood hahahah lol :)
What are ur favorite Reality show fights? Tell me in the comments!
Watch TV,
Gabby G

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My eyes stay glued to the screen 4......

REALITY TV!!! I'm so serious when i say that reality tv is basically one of my guilty pleasures along with kiddie shows (Hey you're never too old to watch rugrats!) The one's that entertain me the most though are dating shows, because usually the fights show up quicker! :) i like watching people fight! But you have to admit when it comes to reality shows, it's someway or another scripted, but that doesn't stop people from watching it now does it!

The bad girls club if u haven't watched it yet or ever is basically what it sounds like. A bunch of girls living together and causing some complete chaos. I mean when it comes to this show, fights happen on the first episode! Check out a clip from the new season

JERSEY SHORE!!! C'mon everyone's heard of this show, even the president's heard about it so there's no excuse for not knowing it! It's addictive, it's funny and it's(as much as i would like to say differently) interesting. Season 2 started a few weeks back and this time its in Miami, not on the jersey shore!

I have a whole bunch more reality shows that i watch on the norm, but those two are the two that i tune into every Thursday and Tuesday to watch! Like i said, reality shows are my guilty pleasure!xD
Watch tv and laugh at it :),
Gabby G

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Very Early Music Friday

So its 1:29 in the morning and where is Gabby? Sitting in a dark room, listening to this mixtape and writing this post!
Colette Carr
If you watched Teennick's "The Nightlife" tonight after Degrassi, and watched until the end, you would've saw her on it. That is how i and many other people discovered Colette Carr. That performance left me shocked and thinking this chick was completely crazy and i had to find out more about her.
I wasn't sure if i liked her song "Back it up" but after listening to it the second time and watching that seriously crazy video along with her video for "Bitch like me" and i loved it. Searching through the comments on utube ( which is something i usually always do) i found out that her mixtape was coming out at 12 am. And that is the mixtape i am listening to right now and i must say she's crazy,vulgar funny and she's the first white female rapper to come out of Malibu! Plus i must say i was very VERY impressed with this mixtape.

Cady Groves

While searching through comments on some of Nevershoutnever's songs,i noticed that some people were mentioning how this girl, Cady Groves is like the female version of him. Now as a hardcore Nevershoutnever, i had to check this out and whoever made those comments were absolutely right.
She really does remind me of the female version of Nevershoutnever, she has a beautiful voice kinda like him. I downloaded a lot of songs from her and i love all of them. Plus when i checked on Hot Topic's website, they had this feature where music artists showed some of their favorite songs from the store and guessed who was involved in it? Yes Cady Groves was in it. Check her out, she's a really good singer! :)

And there you have it, Music Friday at very early in the morning xD Enjoy it!!!
Scream Yay for Music Friday!,
Gabby G

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Reading the title,you may be thinking, what does this crazy girl mean when she says G.A.B. Well, G.A.B. is an acroynom for "Gabby's Appointed Book", i know right i am such a smartie for creating that :) G.A.B. is basically my review on the books that i've read and what i would give them when it comes to my star rating (5 being the highest), now you tell me am i a topicy ( i know, not a word) person or what?
Let me just start off and say that this book was not meant for a 14 year old girl like me, but i look at it in this way: I don't write stories that are meant for my age and have never been interested in books that were meant for my age. But the point is, while the book deals with some very adult situations, it involves kids, people my age. Plus i have a strong love for reading urban books, that's probably why i write them too. But to give you a fair warning: This book is not for the weak hearted and forget reading this book if your that kind of person who likes happy endings.
The first chapter of this book is brutal and i mean plain dirty brutal. So brutal i cringed at it and still cringe at it, just thinking about it. The worse part of the first chapter is that instead of a grown man doing what is done is this chapter, its a 13 year old boy. The story takes place is Brooklyn, New York in Brownsville. This was another factor of why this book sparked my interest, i'm from Brooklyn and to read stories where is located so close to where i live makes me happy. That first chapter is your first taste of the mental Dreko, who is his own worst enemy. But as you go into the second chapter, you meet Lamont, an 11 year old homeless boy walking around in winter with his four year old brother Moo by his side. Lamont's mother is a crackhead and his dad died earlier in his life, with his evil aunt refusing to take them in, Lamont must find a way to take care of his baby brother and himself.
After a series of events, Lamont ends up being the number one drug dealer for his sector and working under Drug kingpin Xanbar and living in the backroom of Fat Daddy's barbarshop. Reading the parts of the story where Lamont is desperate to get Moo food and keep him from the cold is just heart-breaking. So i rejoiced when he got the food and place to keep Moo at. Xanbar gives Lamont the name Hood for the fact that Lamont stands up to him and does not act like an 11 year old boy at all. Dreko, also works under Xanbar's organization and grows a hatred for Lamont as He shoots up to number 1. Lamont finds that he has an attraction to Fat Daddy's daughter Egypt and soon after living in the backroom, Egypt becomes his girlfriend.
Enough explaining though, after many turns and twists in his life, the book fast forwards and starts with Lamont now 18. When reading this book, it seems as if Lamont has no one, not even Egypt, the girl he's loved since he was 11 and it is hard to not feel for him. This story is full of unpredictable events and when you get to the last chapter, you have to be happy with what has been done with Lamont's life.
I'm a person who visualizes EVERYTHING when i read, i treat books as if i were watching a movie and Hood was no exception. The book made me cry at parts for the people invovled in it, but the story just so happened to explain what goes down in the streets of New York oh so well and it has the realistic feel all over it. Like i said before this book is not, NOT for the weak hearted. About half-way through the book, i almost stopped and said i was going to stop reading it because of just how sad it was, but i couldn't put that book down. That is why it gets 5 stars from me, even though i really didn't like the ending to it as much as it was realistic. Great book, real life situations and an excellent page turner, Good job Noire.

Read a book and again in 2 weeks straight sing happy b-day!,
Gabby G

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's on Gabby's Ipod?

There are a lot of things that i like to do, and with this blog, it's make topics that i keep around. Just like Music Friday, What's on Gabby's Ipod is gonna be a regular topic, i'm just not sure if it'll always be on Tuesday. Mind you that i didn't post yesterday because i decided to take a break, yea i know, "But we wanted more insight into your brain Gabby!". Don't worry, it's just sometimes i have to take time to think about what i'm gonna write about, i'm a genius yes, but even genius's had to take time and think. xD
Now besides that little intro up there, let's get straight to business. What's on Gabby's ipod is when i show you all of the new music i've gotten over the week:
Thanks to Leandra, this summer i've become fans of some great artists. Like Nevershoutnever! (Did i mention that i love him?)
These two songs which made their way onto my ipod yesterday are from his album "Harmony" coming out on August 24th.
1) This shit getz old

2) Iloveyoumorethanyouwilleverknow

Then there's Asking Alexandria(Tidbit: Alexandria is my middle name xD), which is....amazing mind you
1) The Final Episode ( if you check on Leandra's blog this is there 2)

2) Hey there Mr. Brooks(ft. Shawn Milke) My favorite song from them!

Drake, we all know how i feel about him :) (Even though he going down on my favorite list because of his recent actions)
1) Ready for you (This is a reference song, which means that besides the rap part this song is meant for a girl)

2) Right above it (Drake is a feature on this song, this one is from Lil'Wayne)

"This dat slumdog millionaire bollywood flow and uhhh"-Drake
K.Michelle is somebody who's been on my ipod for a while, but the video for this song just came out yesterday and i feel like people can relate to this.
Can't Do this

And that is it for this segment, ahh i sound like a news reporter and i'm not sure if that's good or bad. Anyway, i'll talk to you guys tomorrow because i've a book to sit down and read :)
Listen to music always and read a lil',
Gabby G

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What do i love? Youtube! :)

Youtube is, if the world didn't already know, the source 4 almost everything. You can get famous off of youtube, find new music, find new shows, find basically anything :) and anyone who's happened to browse through this blog can see that utube is a daily use 4 me.
So today i'll show u a few videos from utube that i think everyone should know about:
Haul Videos:
Haul videos are the norm on utube, anyone who's happened 2 do anything on utube will see these type of videos. Haul videos are basically people showing u the things they've bought. I love clothes all together, so these type of videos make me happy!

Haul video also fall into youtube's beauty world, which consists of makeup tutorials, beauty tips and etc....

Comedy videos on youtube are also the regular, most people put up comedy videos just 4 the sake of it and then they just so happen 2 get famous off of it(example: Shane Dawson)

Ahh the dancing on youtube, if you haven't seen my "Oh so you think you can dance" post go see that to hear my opinion.

Youtube can make you skyrocket to fame, especially with singers. Example: Justin Bieber was discovered from where- Youtube.

And while there's a lot more on Youtube, you'll find that by yourself :) I know everyone uses youtube, but learn new stuff from this post. That's always my goal to teach my readers about the things i love.
MIND YOU I CAME UP WITH THE IDEA ALL BY MYSELF!!! noo i'm lying Leandra gave me the idea! xD so thanks to the bestie!
Gabby loves utube and i'm sure u do 2,
Gabby G

Friday, August 6, 2010

Music Saturday

See this is the kinda stuff that happens when i decide to sleep all day and stay up all night, there is no Music Friday:( boo! But i promise to do better by you Gabbyluvs, i will make sure Music Friday is always up on Fridays! But every Saturday needs a music, and therefore ur gonna get that.
Hey Monday:

Hey Monday gets many comparasions to Paramore ( One of my favorite artists and bands), strictly because Cassadee Pope is the only girl in a group full of boys. Now, until this week, i never was a heavy Hey Monday fan, because to be honest i heard of them but never gave their music a real listen. I was just randomly searching and came across the video 4 "I Don't want to dance". The song had to grow on me, but now i love it. After that i found "Wish you were here" and "Candles" and from that i became a fan.

Aaron Fresh:
I've known about Aaron Fresh for a good while now. But i shall reveal a secret, sometimes i hear songs and i don't like them, then i see the video or hear them again and i like them. That's what happened when i first heard "Spending all my time" from him, i didn't really like it but it still ended up on my Itouch. Then when i was doing my daily "Get rid of songs to make space" sweep, i deleted it. Then the music video came out and i denied it until finally it was my new favorite song! Did i mention that he has some crazy dimples? yea no? (Cue Biggie voice) if you don't know now ya know!

Find new music and really listen to it,
Gabby G

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a Material girl in a material world:)

So Tuesday, Madonna and her daughter's clothing line Material Girl came out at Macy's. I've been following every bit of information on Material Girl since it was first announced, because the clothes are just so...... ah beautiful and Gabby's style. Can't wait to go get some pieces from this collection!:)

Mind you, that jacket must become Gabby's!!!!!!xD

So do you guys consider yourself to be Material Girl fans or totally dislike it? And do you consider yourself to be a Material girl or boy?
Fashion and Music,
Gabby G

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pink Friday, All grown up, a Funny video and Happy B-day

Today's post is a three topic one, mostly because i feel like making it a three topic post day :) Let's start with my first topic, which is none other than Ms. "It's Barbie B-tch!".
On Ustream yesterday, Ms. Minaj announced the title to her LONG- awaited debut album which comes out November 23rd. So what exactly is the album name? Just watch below:

Yep that's right "Pink Friday", now me i wasn't there when she announced it so when i read that the album was gonna be called "Pink Friday" i was like "What the hell?". Yeah she's one weird and confusing chick, but i was confused when i read "Pink Friday". I just thought she should've named it anything else except for that and then i read the reason and i understood why. Hey i can't blame her, i like pink! :)
I have a new love ( Don't worry Drake ur still #1 xD) and he's a rapper, a good one at that. Let's see what kind of guesses i can give u? Um he's 15, ahh he was on a reality tv show on MTV. His dad is famous for being in a rap group, any guesses yet?

Oh Diggy grew up so much from his Run's house days, i always did think he was the cutest one. But now he's a signed artist who's making every blog and website notice him, including mine ;) Even MTV noticed him, by nominating him for "hottest breakout MC" which is a big honor for any rapper period. Did i mention dude can spit bars 4 days? He's good and i think he knows it, check out my favorite song of his "Thinkin 'bout u" on my music player.

Somehow, somewhere, u heard about this, but just in cause u haven't, U must press play and glue ur eyes to this video

Laugh and laugh hard xD HIDE YO KIDS!
I have 2 put this in bold because i feel like this is important, oh forget feelings, this is important! Today marks one week since i started this blog! Gabbyluvs is now 1 week old along with Leandralovesyu. I'm happy that people are actually reading this blog and i'm going to try my best to please my audience. If you guys who read this blog want me to put my all into this blog, i will. So to one week and the many more weeks to come!

Sing happy B-day and smile alittle!,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To peirce or not is the question.....

See i'm the type of person who likes the way something looks and doesn't think of the consequences of it. For example piercings... i only have one piercing besides the regular ear piercing that every girl has which is this one:

Which is if you can't see in my ear on the top and while that may not be considered an extreme piercing, it was at the time i got it. Which was at 10 or 11 and now i'm 14 (And 5 months counting until 15! xD). My parents are pretty strict about everything i do and piercing aren't that big in their heads.
My mother would just die if i came home one day with my lip or some other place pierced. And i'm that big of a fan for pain. Leandra, yeah she can deal with pain, me.... not that much.

What i really want though is a nose piercing xD it seems so pretty. But eh, a lot of pain :(

I personally like this one! :) quick and easy, my kinda style

But i know doing it with a gun isn't safe and the rest of that blah blah and don't worry i will follow all of that blah blah :)
Leandra's good for these type of things and she does it by her self! yeah... i couldn't do that.
Do something wild and tell me about it!,
Gabby G

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh So You Think You Can Dance Huh?

I'm so clever with these titles huh?xD i guess its my brilliant sense of creativity, but ohh enough about me.
I think i speak for a lot of people when i say i enjoy watching song covers and dancing on youtube. I either find it funny at how horrible they are ( i know "mean Gabby") or i'm absolutely speechless at how great they are. So today i'm gonna share some of the videos that i think are great.

He defiantly did that, i mean he danced better than most of the girls on youtube who danced to this song. Ciara needs to give him a call

My cuz Nelly! showing youtube how its done xD!!!
Then we've got Ms.Lady Luck.....

MY KYBURBEE MY KYBURBEE!!!!!!!! Khaila Pratt people!!!

Now as u can see i've got some talented family, but that's a given i mean duh they are related to me! :) But i'm gonna put up another video, this time singing:

She's great huh? Such a wonderful voice :)
Anyway, i've been busy playing with my ipod, i jailbroke it. And for those of you who don't know what jailbreaking is, well it's when you put a software on ur apple product and u can do all of the stuff u can't do without the jailbreak! Yipee!!!(ignore me, i'm a geek)
Be a geek!, watch youtube! and show love!,
Gabby G

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monsters in High School? Hmmm

Just got back from Coney Island, had fun even though i refused to go on ANY rides. Believe me i learned my lesson the first time! xD
Anyway about a month or so ago, i was searching on one of my favorite author's Lisi Harrison (Author of The Clique) blog and i found out that she was in the process of publishing her new book Monster High. Such a cute cover right?

So then i also read that the book is a partner 2 the doll line and i stopped. DOLL LINE?! Yea whatever your thinking is what i was thinking or not u never know. To be honest i thought it was a brilliant idea, i mean c'mon why not make more money by making kids buy the book and the dolls. Now me, i stopped messing with dolls when i was like 10 or even younger, but there some times when Dolls just so happen to catch my eye. Most of the dolls that have been coming out lately are no where near as attractive as the beauty i saw when i checked out the Monster High dolls:

How pretty r these dolls?! I mean yea i'm 14 but i would buy all just 2 look at them and keep them there in my room :) Plus their all named after famous monsters! How cool is that?!
My favorite dolls out of all of them are:
Frankie Stein
Get it? Frankenstein
soooo pretty!!!!!

Can you guess who she's named after? awww u can't? Dracula duh!
Pretty in Pink!

They even have a whole bunch of webisodes with them in it! Check one out:

Luv the theme song!
Anyway, i hope u like them and maybe even love them? If ur into reading (Which everyone should be! xD) then ur gonna have 2 wait until September 1st for it to come out. But if u want a sneek peekers! ( I like that, sneak peekers! and i know u all want it) go check out Lisi harrison's blog:
Blaters ( A.K.A. the new way 2 say Laters......4 me anyway),
Gabby G