Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer you have came and gone

I woke up today and i realized that summer really is over, it's getting colder and the sun is going down quicker plus the obvious school is opening. This summer, i did a lot of stuff that i was proud of, one of which is creating this blog, i was real hesitant to do it, but i did and now i love it. When school starts, i'm going to be a LOT more busy and sometimes i might not post but do not worry, i will try my best to post as often as i can xD.
Last week, i found a movie that i am absolutely in LOVE with so today i am going to make a list of my favorite movies of all time! So grab ur popcorn and get to watching these must-see movies :D

Alpha Dog
One of my absolute favorites, the movie that made me fall in love with Emile Hirsch xD.

Real in every way, this is the way girls and boys act these days, even worse seeing as this movie was made wayy long ago. I loved it and i'm pretty sure you will too.

Like kids, it shows what happens to some kids while they grow up. This movie is the prefect example of what can happen when you hang around the wrong crowd.

I'm pretty sure i have a lot more favorite movies, but my mind just can't seem to remember them right now. Anyway, sit down and watch these movies! I am demanding you to do so or i will hunt you down and............have a nice talk with you :D

Love some movies!,
Gabby G

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