Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Apple: You should probably take all of my money now

So if you didn't know, today was Apple's big music event announcing their new products and what now. I am a certified techie freak, i love technology and everything new i always want to know about first. Most people would just wait until they heard it on the news but oh noo not me, i have to go and watch the whole keynote! Every time i saw one of the new products, my eyes popped and my mouth dropped. So what are Apple's new products? Let us see:
Biggest Annoucement (For me anyway :D)
Ipod Touch 4G

Ahhh beautiful isn't it?! It's got 2 camera's.....YAY! Since i am the owner of the ipod touch 2g i will most defiantly be getting this! Time to upgrade :D
And then there's the new ipod nano:

Pretty adorable right?! i mean it has a touchscreen and it's so small....which makes it so...right :D

Besides the new itouch, this anouncement was my favorite: itunes 10

According to Mr. Steve Jobs, itunes 10 has this social network called Ping which is like facebook and twitter combined.....only about music. I was in love with it as soon as he started talking about it. Music is as we all love and social networks are how i keep in contact with the rest of the world. So you put both together and i feel.... BEYOND HAPPY! I demand all of you to sign up for ping so we can all talk about music xD

Via Engadget^

Oh Apple i love you very much, i'm probably going to be forced to get a job if you keep on bringing out new products :( But on the other hand: (Singing time xD) I'm gonna get a new ipod!!!!!!!!!

Rejoice 4 Apple products!,
Gabby G