Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty Gurus :)

Ahh Youtube, everybody knows that Youtube is the ishh :D But besides random videos, singers and musicians and comedians getting famous, there's also another part on youtube.... the beauty world. I don't think you can even search something up on youtube without seeing a beauty video. The people (Mostly girls) are called beauty gurus! These are my favorites:
She is one of the most realest people i have seen on youtube, she has such a great personality and is sooo funny. She makes great vlogs too, i love watching those!

2) Juicystar07
Soo many people hate on this girl and its a shame. Personally i love Blair and she makes great videos, she's bubbly and energetic to me xD

3) Jlovemac1
Really and seriously, along with Cici this girl is beyond funny! I could watch one of her videos and die laughing. She gives great tips and i enjoy watching her videos:D

4) Arose186
This girl has such a great personality, i'm soo happy i found her videos! She's really beautiful and she makes great videos.

Like Arose186 she gives great tips and is really beautiful! She kinda reminds me of Kendell Jenner from Keeping up with the Kardashians!

If you watch youtube gurus, tell me which ones you like! You guys can even tell me about a video you want me 2 see or something, i'm always happy to watch new youtube videos!

Get into Ur beauty,
Gabby G.

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