Monday, September 20, 2010

NY Fashion week Spotlight: Betsey Johnson :D

Among the many things that i love, fashion is one of them. It amazes me to see how designers can continually piece outfits together and make them soo beautiful. One designer that i LOVE is Betsey Johnson xD The clothes and accessories that she makes are right up my ally. As much as my style is really undefined to sorts, i love Betsey Johnson stuff! Last week if you didn't know was New York Fashion Week and among the many designers showcasing their new spring-summer 2011 lines was Betsey Johnson.
Her new collection is called "Le tour De Betsey" xD

I really like the coat and the jumper to the right, it screams some form of elegence 2 me :D I like the ribcage bodysuit too, i could think of a hundred ways to pair it!

The dresses on the right and left are absolutely beautiful! The blue one looks like it could be a vintage piece and the navy blue dress is gorgeous. I like the two outfits in the middle because they incorporate the military trend to them.

As much as i don't think i would ever wear these outfits, i love the idea of them. I also like how they used the skateboard! Any girl that can skate board down a runway on heels defiantly gets my attention! The outfits are really wild and crazy :D
For you guys who've seen the full collection, what do you think about it? Would you wear the pieces out in public? What were your thoughts about New York Fashion week all together? Tell Gabby!

Admire the art,
Gabby G.

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