Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I never realized that.....

I never realized that school was this freakin' tiring! Seriously, i've been going to school and coming straight home to sleep. Between doing homework and being stuck in that hellhole for a good 7 hours, there's no wonder why i wouldn't want to just drop myself into bed. So yeah, i took a lil' mini vacation from Gabbyluvs, but don't you worry dear readers! Gabby will never abandon Gabbyluvs xD
So among the things that happened this week, the VMA's were one of them. I had to tune in and see all of the wonderful events that were going to happen. So let me give my review:
Nicki Minaj
While she preformed at the pre-show, i really REALLY did not like her peformance. Vocals were off, she looked nervous, dancing was....ehh and then Will.i.am. comes out covered in all black and some leather thing. The whole was just.....not good and believe me i'm a big Nicki fan soo.
He kills it every time. No other words. But Rihanna.......oh Ms. Fenty, her vocal skills as every one already knows is no where near best and that shows plus i didn't like her outfit or her red hair.
His vocals were alright, but you could the tiredness in his voice. I mean i guess age is catching up with him or maybe he shouldn't dance in leather.
Taylor Swift
First off, they really need to stop bringing up what happened with Kanye last year. It was LAST YEAR! Her vocals were off, song obviously directed to kanye and they were messed up for playing the clip of what happened before her performance. I'm so tired of hearing about it period.
Kanye West
Defiantly out of everyone, Kanye was the best. I admire Kanye for adressing and knowing that what he did was wrong and that he has flaws. I like the song, his performance was great and it was a great ending.
Well, tell me in the comments if you agree with my thoughts or not! Always ready and willing to hear your thoughts :D

Advice: sleep sometimes xD it's good,
Gabby G.

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