Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Like to laugh

Song Now Playing: Nevershoutnever- Losing it

If there's one thing i like doing is being able 2 laugh at something, and i'm not talking about those little haha moments that we all do when something is funny but not extremely funny. I like to find stuff that i can laugh at loudly, so much that i can't catch my breath, yeah that.
If there's one person who can make me laugh that way its defiantly Shane Dawson, dude was born with a sense of humor, i believe that. Check out a few videos from him:

I also like this one

Pt 2

Yea Shane Dawson's one funny dude right? Youtube's got a lot of funny people and a lot of funny things.

But anyway, today is a sad day cause i found out HORRIBLE news, but read about it on Leandra's blog, i still have hope after all it is a maybe. I'm also kicking myself very hard 4 not posting yesterday, but i was...... oh forget lying i was WAY 2 lazy 2 write. So today i will make it my obligation to put another new post up!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Yea i'm a jerk but im a millionaire jerk

Know what Jerkin is? Oh u don't? well its a dance that was created in L.A. and since then has grown to all over the world. The people who made the dance so big, a two word answer: New Boyz!!!
Last year this song was the only thing people would play and because of "You're a Jerk". It sparked the flame which is jerkin + skinny jeans. I like them because their songs r really catchy, seriously i could hear a song and say i dont like it but the next day i'm singing it.
Now it's 2010 and i'm guessing New Boyz r getting ready to get their music back on the radio, since their new album "Too cool 2 care" is coming. But enough about facts gah i sound so much like a nerd, but hey isnt that a trend 2?
Check out the 1st single "Break my Bank".

^Legacy and Ben J

Oh uh if u want 2 see what jerkin is, check this out:

Indigo Unchained( Indigo Vanity) and Cliff Savage r funny huh? plus they can jerk.
Tidbit: Indigo and Legacy used 2 date

The Millionaires described in a few words: Crazy, wild, real and fun. I love their music because A) not only is it fun, but its real. They don't hide themselves behind a whole bunch of lies. So they sing about getting paid and then getting laid, at least they're not pretending 2 be something they're not and that's what u call a REAL artist!

Tidbit: They kinda remind me of Leandra, just not so sex obsessed but shhh!xD

So i hope u learned something new from this post and this is what it's gonna be like every Friday. That's why in my last post, i called today Music Friday! If i can help u find someone or something new i'm glad to do it :) Two COMPLETELY different artists and two different genres but there's no reason why u can't love both. Oh and did u get the title?Lol :)

Learn something new and live life xD,
Gabby G

Music Fridays

I love Nicki Minaj's parts in both of these songs plus today's music Friday! xD

Then we got Mr. Steal-yo-girl ( Trey Songz) and Nicki

I know Tatyana loves Trey songz so thats 4 her. I personally enjoy both of these songs, even though i tend to usually skip Trey's part in "Bottoms Up" and listen to Nicki's verse. I mean it's hard not to love with that "Do you like my body, Anna Nicki", Nicki Minaj is a talented chick. I love rap music, i find it so interesting how rappers put together quirky little jokes or lines. Right now, when it comes 2 groups it has 2 go to young money and New Boyz. I would go into more about New Boyz but they deserve a post by themselves.
SOTD( song of the day): Nevershoutnever - cheatercheaterbestfriendeater
Love and Music,
Gabby G :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today was crazy....

So today me, my big bro, my cuz Nelly and my mom and Aunt went out and let me say i had FUN.
1) We went 2 Coney Island
As soon as we got there and i saw the rides i was screaming 2 go on them, especially the Air Race one. At first i didn't think i was going to go through with it in my head even though i was yelling 2 go on it. My mom was practically begging me, "Please Gabriela no don't go". And me and Nelly still got out and went 2 go get the card so we could go on it.
We were walking 2 the ride and you have no idea how fast my heart was beating. Even when me and Nelly were strapped in, i was still saying i could handle it. so when it started i was like, "OH YEA bring it on air race" Why in hell would i say that? it flipped me upside down, all around and made me stay in the air UPSIDE DOWN for a good minute. Just......look at the video:

Yeah that was the hell i went through today, but the beach was great, got my feet wet and the water was amazing!!
2) Plum beach and Canarsie Pier
We just passed through plum beach, and by passed we just rode around in the parking lot. And with Canarsie Pier it was the same but i did see a lot!!! :)
3) Forest Park
Passed by forest park and instantly thought of the bestie Leandra! it was fun over there though
On the highway to Coney Island, my mom was screaming 4 dear life because my aunt who was driving kept on turning her head to show us things. I can see where i develop my sense of fear from now xD.
But today was great and i can't wait 2 go back on Saturday!!

(Psst!!! Do me a favor and never listen 2 Leandra about Coney Island rides cause she makes it seems like its nothing, when i felt horrible 2day on that stupid ride :()

I Know this pretty rave girl.....

Found that song last week, while searching up all that Jessi Slaughter crap.

I love a lot of things and a lot of people, but a special place in my heart will always go to clothes and shopping. With the aunts i have that and parents, i'm spoiled so much that i have to love shopping and clothes.

Well i was trying to put some logos up, but as u can see that didn't work out so i'll just tell u my favorite shopping sites and give you a link!
Hot Topic is a place that i love, because it features some of the styles and brands that i love dearly like Tripp nyc and Iron fist+ Too fast
Karmaloop is one of my favorite places 2 shop because it has some pretty exclusive brands and exclusive stuff and me, i like 2 rock exclusive stuff! :) If u do feel like shopping here hit me up in the comments for a nice discount on ur stuff xD
Plndr is almost like Karmaloop ( seeing as they're both operated by the same people) but it's so much better in many different ways. This site has all of Karmaloop's exclusive brands and puts them on specials sales for VERY low prices. But its an invite only site sooo hit me up and ask 4 one or leave it in the comments!

I feel like with this blog, i'm gonna introduce the world to things that no one knows! I'm always happy 2 share my information( just try not to catch me in a bad mood or uh you.... well i'll let u figure that out+xD) Well i've got two more posts 2 give u today, so LOOK out 0.0!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The besties and Gabby

This is my bestie Leandra, everyone should add this girl on FB because A) she's the weirdest, most coolest person u will ever meet and B) she's just.... Leandra. I mean c'mon 1, ONE aim convo with her made me make this. One conversation with her and u will be laughing all day!

Then there's me a.k.a the author of this WONDERFUL blog and the nicest person u will ever meet ( Even tho if u ask my friends they won't say that).

Then there's the other bestie Tatyana, now she is the wildest one out of all three of us. She's real and she will most likely tell u exactly how she feels about u. I've know her since 2nd grade and she is a great friend. I mean she'll make u laugh and she won't even intend 2.

And this makes my third post! WOOHOO! comment and advertise it plz!

Oh Music how much i love u

i love LOVE music, i couldn't live without it and i love every genre! Like today i found this song by Bun B and Drake
I love it just because Drake's on it of course ( I AM A BIG DRAKE FAN)
And then again thanks to the bestie, i found this hilarious video with one of my other favorite artists Nevershoutnever!

Check out one of my favorite songs by him "Did it hurt"
Oh how i love his soothing voice! :)

My Name is.....

Hi, my name's Gabby and if you read the description then you'd know i'm 14 and i live in Brooklyn, New York. This blog is about everything, so if you like a post or something.. comment! I have 2, have 2 shout out my bestie Leandra, because out of one convo with her and i made this. So look on and enjoy, because i have big things in plan.
loving and living life,