Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good things always come to an end

As you can see, i haven't posted in the last two days :( But that's because i've been thinking about making a decision about the fate of Gabbyluvs. I hate to say it, but i think for now, GabbyLuvs is done. I just can't deal with it the way i did in the summer when GabbyLuvs first started out. I doubt this is the last anyone will see of me though :D Don't worry about that, i've always got a plan up my sleeve. I always felt bad about not making a post and somewhere along the line it just wasn't fun for me anymore and it became an obligation. I love GabbyLuvs and i'm gonna love looking back on my previous posts and what not and see about life two months ago to now. To everyone who supported this blog and followed, thank you it meant a lot to me :) it always made me smile to see that i was getting so many views and stuff. I could babble on and on, but i won't :P I'm gonna miss Gabbyluvs, i really am but watch out for that name there: Gabby! See ya later cuz this isn't a goodbye :D

My name is Gabriela, my friends and family call me Gabby. I created Gabbyluvs out of my passion for Writing and finding a way to share it. I'm a 14 year old ( Almost 15) who lives in Brooklyn, New York (BROOKLYN STAND UP) I love making people laugh, i love writing, i hate gossip, i hate fake people. I am not considered to be mean and my slogan at school is "That's not nice!" lmao. I try my hardest to not let things get to me and i am always ready and willing to listen and help with someone's problems( my friends consider me as their personal therapist) Look out for me though because i'm a threat in disguise, Belee dat :D


Monday, October 25, 2010

Gabby's a confused lil' chickie :D

Yeah so it's venting time! OH YEAH! VENTING TIME! OH YEAH! Today was semi-non interesting at school. Mind you i just got up from a nice nap (Yeah what bitch, i take naps -_- you should try it sometime). Yeah soo the week before last, we got our high school applications and as you can probably figure from the title, my ass is still confused -__- i mean my parents want me to go somewhere close to where i live or in the district (Which is something i don't want) and my friends want me to go to the same school they're going to (which i do want) It's like everytime i decide on a high school someone comes along to change my mind. God has no idea how much stuff i've been doing in the past 2 weeks.Sometimes i swear i'm superwomen or something, then this Thursday is my senior spirit day where we dress up like babies, so i've gotta get ready for that and ya know join in on the school spirit. See ya'll tomorrow my peeps and uh i love that i'm keeping up with posting everyday even if it is late.

Tell me something i don't know then we'll talk,
Gabby G.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to You :D

So as you probably already know or figured out, today is Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham's 24th Bday! As anyone who knows me knows that i am a BIG Drake fan, i had to make a post for him today :D Love you Drake and enjoy ur Bday XD (Shoutouts to my Friend Benji his bday's today 2..lucky lmao :D) See ya'll tomorrow :D

Gabby G.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's on Gabby's Ipod?

Oh YEAH! Time for what's on Gabby's Ipod OH YEAH! ( A lil' Jersey Shore education for ya there!) I felt that today i should do a "What's on my ipod" post because i haven't done one in a while and if you know me, you'd know that i am ALWAYS on the hunt for new music. My goal for the day sometimes is to add new songs on my ipod :D Music loves me and i love it back!

Drake- I Get lonely Too

Gahhh i love this song! Drake is so multi-talented and i love hearing him sing :D I've got a special post tomorrow about him, if you're a big Drake fan then you'll already know what it's about!

Young Sam- "She likes me"

When i think of the King of Jerk, i think of Young Sam :D Like i can't find one song that i dislike from him at all. Plus he's hella sexy ;) This song has been on repeat for me this week tho

Tyga- Maybe

Tyga goes hard. Nuff' said :D

Wiz Khalifa- "Chewy" and "Who I am"

Ahh the love i have for Wiz Khalifa :D I found out about "Who i am" from a friend and in the process found "Chewy". Therefore these two have been on repeat all week.

The Millionaires- Party like a Millionaire

They're soo trashy it's a good thing XD On repeat all week DGAF BABY!

Hope you guys liked it and see i'm sticking to my plan! Even if this is a lil' late in the night (what can i say i'm a night person)

Who's a DGAF member? I am :D,
Gabby G.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Friday

Ahh wonderful internet, how much i love you so. Today was an alright day well until i came home only to find out that my damn internet and cable was gone! My cable's still gone -_- making it so i can't watch my beloved Degrassi:( But hey it's alright, because i've got my internet making it possible to write up today's Music Friday.

Jasmine V.

Remember that gossip post a did a few weeks ago and you guys saw a picture of her this Yeah JB's lil' hook up on the side (such a playa :D) But what i probably didn't mention is that she's a GREAT singer. Like many of the artists featured on M.F. i've known about her for quite a while now, before JB came into the picture. She is actually a really good singer, plus her songs are hella catchy. I know she's gonna have a hard time now tho, cuz lil' girls out here love JB like odee and they don't want him kissing anyone else out there :/

Mayday Parade

So as usual when doing my daily sweep of websites, the name Mayday Parade caught my eye. I thought to myself, "that's one hell of an interesting name" and searched it up only to find it was band. Well i'm glad searched it up, because i actually like them. Describing their sound would be kind've hard but i'll just say Alternative alright! I'm in love with their song "When I Get home you're so dead", my ishh rite there! :D

As usual tell Gabby whatchu think about it! Music Friday = love, yes i know :D Gabbyluvs FTW xD

I'm smarter than u :D,
Gabby G

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's a lil' birdie on my shoulder...

PSST: Don't be mad if this is late blame blogspot for not allowing me to post pictures for some reason and firefox for being crappy and shutting down on me all the time!
Well no not really, but believe me the internet is a big fat bird itself, flying around with lots of information :D. I was super happy today, i found out i got 90 in math XD that's frickin' huge 4 me because i've never gotten a 90 in math before EVER, i suck at math, it just ain't for me. But i'm happy about my grade! It's GOSSIPING TIME OH YEAH :D

J Beibz/ Shawty Mane

See this picture to the left? Yeah i know what you're thinking, "um it JB we know that". Well smartass guess what he's doing in this picture? (Yeah yeah yeah be mad that cursed at you all u want, ur still a smartass take it!) He's rapping, yes you read right RAPPING. JB i love you, but sweetie stick to singing this isn't ur calling. (He actually doesn't sound half- bad :/)

In other JB news, this 16 year old in the picture to your left is what we know as sweet and nice right? WRONG ( Ya know i'm starting to doubt your intelligence), JB punched a 12 year old boy for calling him a fag. While many people would probably like to give that boy an award for saying something they've wanted to say for a while now, i'm giving JB props for defending himself!

Alica "Homewrecker" Keys :D ( I joke, i joke, i kid, i kid)

Guess what they're holding?! Yeah AK had a baby for Swizzy! It's a boy and he was born on the 14th of this month. His name? Egypt i-can't-remember-his-middle-name Dean! Ahh a wonderful AK baby, i wonder if he'll get involved in the music industry? Hey i mean look at Willow Smith! Well congrats AK and Swizzy, raise him right!

Crazy ass Raz B ( i know i didn't know who he was 4 a while either)
If you ever liked B2k (remember "bump, bump, bump"?) then you would probably know about Raz-B. Point blank (please excuse my language) this nigga crazy, going around calling my Marques Houston a pedophile! How dare he! He needs help and quick, okay i get it raz b, you were abused as a child. But that does not mean you go around calling people names and accusing them of crimes they didn't commit! oh and uh Omarion mad at him 2!

And so ends your daily round-up of gossip from dear ol' Gabby! If you want fresh new gossip about EVERYTHING then check out (hey MTO i'm plugging you ova here!) So later my lovelies, talk 2 you tomorrow. (HEY IT'S MUSIC FRIDAY TOMORROW! :D)

I just like to share news, that's all,
Gabby G.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Music Video Time

So it's pretty late, but hey a post is a post my dear readers! So if you haven't seen or heard, then you would know that over the past few weeks a lot of music videos came out. So let's Countdown now my peeps xD!

1) Willow Smith- Whip my hair

She NINE, let me remind you SHE IS NINE YEARS OLD!! amazing the end.
2)Rihanna- Only girl (In the world)

As much as i have my own opinion about Rihanna, i did enjoy this and do like the song.
3)Rihanna- Who's That Chick

While this isn't exactly new, there's another version of it but believe me its basically the video above but in darker colors.
4) Rick Ross- Aston Martin Music (Ft. Chrisette Michele and Drake)

Ahh the thing i survive through for my Drake-y :D

So which one was your favorite? Which one sucked? Discuss it below, i love comments so COMMENT XD.
Pssst: I think i'm going to do good with this new schedule :D
Gabby G.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back xD

One week.....and i am back from vacation. I wasn't happy before with the way Gabbyluvs was going and as much as i've said it, i've been ignoring this. This one post today one post wednesday thing isn't working for me. One post a day or even more because back in the summer, i had views and comments like.....crazy. I want that back and i also guess that it means that one of the reasons i hardly posted all the time was because i didn't have an idea as to what to post. So from now one, one sunday or saturday rolls around or whenever i get an idea i'll write it down just so i can have an idea as to what to post. I guess with this new leaf i'm turning over it means i should get a new design for Gabbyluvs. As much as i love the design that i have now, it's time for something new. Anyways hope ya missed me a lil' bit while i was gone :D (Ah Drake you're so inspiring xD) BUT I'M BACK BITCHES :D

Gabby's back and ya better run!,
Gabby G.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking a break

Today's post is really a small notice type post, i'm not going to post until next Monday, just taking a small break. I don't like that i'm not paying Gabbyluvs that much attention, so next week will start the slate clean. This also means no new Music Friday this Friday :( but don't worry there's always next week. See you next Monday :D

Even Smart-asses like me need breaks :D,
Gabby G.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Music Fridays

So yea after my daily dose of Degrassi and a nice nap, i am ready 2 put up Music Friday! No time for small talk tho, watching Gigantic as i type!

Jessie J
So going through my daily dose of website checks, i found Jessie J. The first thing that caught my attention was how unique she looked. Then i heard her music and let me tell you it surprised me. It's not a regular thing where i hear a new artist and instantly admire their voice and style. Honestly after checking out some more of her music, she's so diverse with her style and i love it! Check out her banging new single "Do it Like a Dude"

Now i've known about Cymphonique for a long time now. She's actually from a really famous family and she's 14 like me! She is the daughter of Master P A.K.A. Romeo's dad. Yup and believe me she has a beautiful voice! Ever since i heard her new song "Soldier Girl", i've been addicted to it. Honestly check her out, great artist in my head :D


sing along or lip sync if u want :D,
Gabby G.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ya'll probably mad huh?

Now listen, it's not like i'm purposely ignoring Gabbyluvs, but like i've said 1 hundred times since school started (welllll maybe not 1 hundred....oh you get the point) it's just that i'm hella tired when i get home from school. Most of my time after finishing homework is taking my butt to sleep. If it makes you feel any better, i have ignored Luuux for the same amount of time i've ignored Gabbyluvs. Plus as much as this may seem hard to believe, i really do run out of things to write about, which is pretty bad if you ask me. Today's topic however is one of my favorites, GOSSIPING TIME!!!!

Mr. Eddie Long

Now i'm sure that you've heard about this sick horrible man by now. But if you haven't, three words: Pastor+ Multiple boys.... yeah you get the idea don't you.

Angelina from Jersey shore


See this dumb girl up here ^ yeah besides doing all that's she's done on Jersey Shore and just being plain annoying, she also punched a limo driver in the face. Apparently, it was over the fact that he insulted her mother. Hey at least she got a good hit in!

Tiger Woods

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger....i'm really tired of telling you how to go about your life and you just keep on making mistakes. Listen, i know it's hard now that wifey gone and the kiddies gone too, but you know the reason why that happened, right? So you wanna tell me why, if you had a sex tape and you KNEW you had a sex tape why you wouldn't get rid of it? The stupid things that people do

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent

Well, they look nice as a couple! But I see you Fiddy!, i see you! Get all them white girls while you can!

Breathe happiness for a new post and a lil' gossip :D,
Gabby G.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Favorite model :D

This morning i woke up and wanna take a wild guess as to how i felt? Let me tell you.... I was up at 5 a.m. crying because my head hurt so bad and i couldn't breathe + my throat still hurt. Yup that's the pain that Gabby went though :( Wish me better!

Anyway if it's one thing i love it's the fashion industry. I love everything about fashion! One of my favorite models is Crystal Renn, does her name ring a bell in your head? It should!

She's one of the most well known "plus-sized" models out there and i really admire her. I mean she's not ashamed of her body and doesn't care what people tell her. She's a great role model in my eyes and she should be more famous then she already is. What do you think about Ms. Renn? Are there any model's out there that you guys admire and like? Tell Gabby

I make these streets my runway,
Gabby G.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sick Sunday

So last night before i went 2 sleep, my throat was hurting me, but i said that it would be fine in the morning.....WRONG. Like seriously, this ish hurts soo bad right now, if i didn't have a test tomorrow in school then i would defiantly not go. So this is just a small post, but i'm pretty sure i'll be back and up and running tomorrow soo until then my lovers xD

P.S. Drake's verse on this has been soothing me so far throughout the day :D

Wish that i get better....quickly,
Gabby G.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Music Fridays

It's Music Friday, we all love music don't we? It's especially good today if you live in NY because of the dark gloomy weather (Which i love mind you). But let's get 2 it shall we?
I've been holding my tongue about this since Wednesday. If you follow me on Luuux then you must likely already know but you Christofer Drew lovers look closely at the picture and who's in it. Yep, that's right Chris has another band, a SCREAMO band. My soft calm voiced angel can scream his head off! I found out about this from my Bestie Leandra actually. I really do like the band, not only for Chris, but because the music is actually very good. I am demanding you to look them up (I had to find something else 2 say except check it out :D)


I actually found out about this girl group today, or technically yesterday since i saw their name i just never clicked on it -_- Anyway the trio is made up of 19 year old's Asia and Marissa and 18 year old Miriah. They were actually making youtube videos of them singing, i'm not sure if they still do. I really like how their name sounds kind of like a play on words with the word History and Her Story. After hearing their debut single which samples B.I.G. i instantly wanted it on my ipod! Really they have beautiful voices. check them out!

Mack'n by HerStoryMusic

Tomorrow i'm going to the Citywide High school fair, so i'll defiantly report back about it but hope you enjoyed the new music and don't forget to check out my twitter @Gabbyluvs96 :D

I scream music!,
Gabby G.