Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gossiping time! + The Plan

Soooo here we are again back to the start! -_- I feel like i've been neglecting Gabbyluvs lately, more or less since school started. But i feel even worse because i've been paying Luuux a lot more attention(Hey it's free things! I like free things!) but i think i have a plan xD just read on to find out what it is!

Ahh gossiping time, i've decided that i love to write down the weeks gossip so much that it's gonna become a segment on here along with Music Friday. Scream yay 4 new segments!

This was just horrible, i mean how do you mix up the winners?!

Add Image

I bet yo guys already know what i'm about to say about these two huh? Welll just in case you didn't and you're thinking about marrying JB anytime soon (which i hope and pray not) check this out.

Dear Rihanna A.K.A. Ronald McDonald, please get rid of that red wig....please? Oh and leave my Drakey alone, i mean just look at him in this picture he is obviously not interested -_- Keep yo red lips to yourself!

Harajuku Barbie biitch! Go head wit' yo bad self ;)

Alright so Gabby now has a twitter -___-, i made one strictly for Luuux actually but i find myself falling deeper and deeper into my twitter addiction. Sooo uh follow me at But to my plan, during the week, i will post every other day. So instead of Monday me posting, i'll post on Tuesday and so on, Sound good? I know, i know, not really, but it's better than nothing right? Get ready for Music Friday my wonderful readers :D

Wow u craziii lmao,
Gabby G.

Monday, September 27, 2010

We All Like a little Luuuxury :D

Today my wonderful readers, even though i was madd confused on what to write today we are just gonna do a lil' filler post :D Cause i'm hella tired and i must sleep! So right now i want to tell you guys about this site called Luuux.

Luuux is basically this site where you blog for their point system called "Luuux$" and you get free stuff. I actually found out about this site from the youtube gurus and if you watch them, this is probably old news to you. But yeah, they offer stuff like macbooks, apple products, make-up etc. Plus i think its really cool! You can just have fun with it! Check it out*

*Ever since heard the song "Check it out" by Nicki Minaj, that what i think about when i say check it out ow xD

Get that money Beyotch!,
Gabby G.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty Gurus :)

Ahh Youtube, everybody knows that Youtube is the ishh :D But besides random videos, singers and musicians and comedians getting famous, there's also another part on youtube.... the beauty world. I don't think you can even search something up on youtube without seeing a beauty video. The people (Mostly girls) are called beauty gurus! These are my favorites:
She is one of the most realest people i have seen on youtube, she has such a great personality and is sooo funny. She makes great vlogs too, i love watching those!

2) Juicystar07
Soo many people hate on this girl and its a shame. Personally i love Blair and she makes great videos, she's bubbly and energetic to me xD

3) Jlovemac1
Really and seriously, along with Cici this girl is beyond funny! I could watch one of her videos and die laughing. She gives great tips and i enjoy watching her videos:D

4) Arose186
This girl has such a great personality, i'm soo happy i found her videos! She's really beautiful and she makes great videos.

Like Arose186 she gives great tips and is really beautiful! She kinda reminds me of Kendell Jenner from Keeping up with the Kardashians!

If you watch youtube gurus, tell me which ones you like! You guys can even tell me about a video you want me 2 see or something, i'm always happy to watch new youtube videos!

Get into Ur beauty,
Gabby G.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Friday: The next Justin Biebers :)

Ahh Music Friday, the one consistent post on Gabby Luvs xD how much i love you! If you couldn't tell from the title, today's M.F. is all about the kiddies. And if you really think about it, i kinda fit in that category -_- MUSIC TIME
Jawan Harris
Associated with the great Chris Brown, he deserves to be in this post. When i tell you boy can sing, that isn't even the right thing to say, boy can SANG. Did i mention that he's only 12 years old? So it really doesn't surprise me that he hangs with Chris breezy. I found out about him by looking on this random site. I advise all of you guys to check him out. Next big thing!

Mindless Behavior

While this is a boy band, i still see them as able to fit into the Justin Bieber category. I found out about Mindless Behavior from that site i told you guys about last M.F.( When i first heard their song "My girl", my first thought?
"Catchy as hell". Seriously i could not stop playing the song when i heard it. Check them out and get the song stuck in your head xD

Yay for youngsters :D,
Gabby G.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comedy + A slacker

Alright so maybe, JUST MAYBE, i've been slacking a bit with the posts. But gahh, school is soo freakin tiring, it's a bunch of B.S. if you ask me. But it's a bunch a B.S. that i have 2 go through unfortunely D: A lil' shout out to Bestie Taty, yesterday her arm was hurting her and she was in pain :( So she went home early...Hope ya get better bestie! But onto the next part
Ahh my love for comedy, i love 2 laugh, i mean who doesn't. It takes a lot to get me to laugh too, not just the simple stuff. If you didn't already know, Shane Dawson is really one of my favorite youtube comedians. Recently i found two people who make me laugh equally as loud :D Check them out


Kain or Hotdamnirock is really one of the funniest people on youtube along with Shane Dawson. I figure why he's so funny is because he speaks the truth, he speaks about real stuff. Check him out!


Like Kain, Jerry is funny because he talks about the real stuff. Really tho, check him out! Hella Funny xD

Hope you enjoyed this post, let's pray that school doesn't tire me out tomorrow enough to do another post :)

Gabby G.

Monday, September 20, 2010

NY Fashion week Spotlight: Betsey Johnson :D

Among the many things that i love, fashion is one of them. It amazes me to see how designers can continually piece outfits together and make them soo beautiful. One designer that i LOVE is Betsey Johnson xD The clothes and accessories that she makes are right up my ally. As much as my style is really undefined to sorts, i love Betsey Johnson stuff! Last week if you didn't know was New York Fashion Week and among the many designers showcasing their new spring-summer 2011 lines was Betsey Johnson.
Her new collection is called "Le tour De Betsey" xD

I really like the coat and the jumper to the right, it screams some form of elegence 2 me :D I like the ribcage bodysuit too, i could think of a hundred ways to pair it!

The dresses on the right and left are absolutely beautiful! The blue one looks like it could be a vintage piece and the navy blue dress is gorgeous. I like the two outfits in the middle because they incorporate the military trend to them.

As much as i don't think i would ever wear these outfits, i love the idea of them. I also like how they used the skateboard! Any girl that can skate board down a runway on heels defiantly gets my attention! The outfits are really wild and crazy :D
For you guys who've seen the full collection, what do you think about it? Would you wear the pieces out in public? What were your thoughts about New York Fashion week all together? Tell Gabby!

Admire the art,
Gabby G.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's take a look at my life plan :D

This week, getting my high school directory made me really think about my life and what i really want to do. Anyone who's known me for a long time, knows that i want to be a professional young adult writer. I think i've been saying that since i was like 9, but recently i was thinking about law. As much as i know that writing. That's why i decided to attend a school for law, or a program for law. Plan A) Writing Plan B) Law Plan C) Acting ( mind you i think i can act pretty good xD) Hey it's pretty good to have your life already figured out at 14. I know that god throws curveballs and what not though. Do you guys have any idea on what you want to do with your life?

Gabby G.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Music Fridays

See you probably thought i wasn't going to remember about Music Friday. How could i ever really forget about these Fridays? Really? But i know you guys just luuuuuvvvv new music so let's get this party started!!!!!!!!!:D
Plug In Stereo
Plug in Stereo A.K.A. Mr. Trevor Dahl kinda reminds me of Nevershoutnever (Christofer Drew). While no one can even begin to compare anyone to Christofer Drew, Plug in Stereo really kinda reminds me of him. He's from Portland, Oregon and mind you he has such a calm voice. I heard him from searching around on this website i usually go to (if you want to check it out: and i heard his song "Oh Darling" with one 0f our Music Friday artists, Cady Groves. After hearing that i decided i must put it on my ipod ( Can't listen to it now though, ipod's dead and wire's messed up ):) it was official... I LOVED IT. I also like some of his other songs like "But I Can't". Check him out!

I See Stars

Hailing from Warren, Michigan, they combine screamo music and pop music, just my type ;) I found out about this band from where else....Youtube. I love that when you listen to their music, it has a little bit of everything, techno, screamo, pop etc. They were on the warped tour along with the likes with Nevershoutnever and others. If you like songs that give a lil' bit of everything, they are most defiantly for you, so check them out!

Hope you enjoyed another edition of music Friday, leave a comment and tell me if you like the bands or not! :)

Be sad for Gabby because she doesn't have her ipod :(,
Gabby G.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Starting To Get Real

Today was started off bad :( bad for me is when i wake up a 7:30 because i take a lot more than 30 minutes to get ready. Luckily, i got finished in UNDER 30 minutes, which is so amazing to me. I was finished with like time to spare and all that :D plus i got to school on time which makes it 3 times in a row and i plan to continue that tomorrow and Friday.
So today after our first fire drill for the year( I know there's plenty more to come) all the 8th graders had to go to this assembly. What for? This:

Yup high school stuff :D We had to sign sheets for the books and i accidentally signed the for the specialized high schools test. While i know i can get into a specialized high school, it is just wayyy too much work for me to get up and go on the train or bus. Really like i told Leandra, the only high school i will consider going to besides Bushwick is Forest Hills High school. It finally hit me though, i am not going to be in my school anymore, i'm going to high school. It just feels so much realer now that i have the book and the papers and stuff.

Get real!,
Gabby G.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I never realized that.....

I never realized that school was this freakin' tiring! Seriously, i've been going to school and coming straight home to sleep. Between doing homework and being stuck in that hellhole for a good 7 hours, there's no wonder why i wouldn't want to just drop myself into bed. So yeah, i took a lil' mini vacation from Gabbyluvs, but don't you worry dear readers! Gabby will never abandon Gabbyluvs xD
So among the things that happened this week, the VMA's were one of them. I had to tune in and see all of the wonderful events that were going to happen. So let me give my review:
Nicki Minaj
While she preformed at the pre-show, i really REALLY did not like her peformance. Vocals were off, she looked nervous, dancing was....ehh and then comes out covered in all black and some leather thing. The whole was just.....not good and believe me i'm a big Nicki fan soo.
He kills it every time. No other words. But Rihanna.......oh Ms. Fenty, her vocal skills as every one already knows is no where near best and that shows plus i didn't like her outfit or her red hair.
His vocals were alright, but you could the tiredness in his voice. I mean i guess age is catching up with him or maybe he shouldn't dance in leather.
Taylor Swift
First off, they really need to stop bringing up what happened with Kanye last year. It was LAST YEAR! Her vocals were off, song obviously directed to kanye and they were messed up for playing the clip of what happened before her performance. I'm so tired of hearing about it period.
Kanye West
Defiantly out of everyone, Kanye was the best. I admire Kanye for adressing and knowing that what he did was wrong and that he has flaws. I like the song, his performance was great and it was a great ending.
Well, tell me in the comments if you agree with my thoughts or not! Always ready and willing to hear your thoughts :D

Advice: sleep sometimes xD it's good,
Gabby G.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My 1st VLOG xD

Gabby's Vlog from gabriela godoy on Vimeo.

Enjoy and Comment!!!!!!!
Honestly i never thought that trying to upload the video via blogspot would be bad, but it took SUPER long and i gave up on it :( Like, i had this video filmed at 8 p.m. yesterday and it finally went up now! Anyway i like vimeo and i think it's cool, this vlog is not edited AT ALL, so it's the real deal xD and i hope u guys like it.
Want more? Leave a comment XD

Love to the vloggers and bloggers,
Gabby G.

Music Fridays

Yes today is Music Friday and today is also the day that i put my 1st vlog up! So get excited for that and in the meanwhile, read up about some new music xD.

Wiz Khalifa
Out of all of all of the music sites and blogs that i visit on the daily, i've always skipped through the Wiz Khalifa posts. Don't ask me why, because honestly i really don't know why. Now that i have listened to his music, i'm like "Damn why didn't i listen to him sooner?". He's a great lyricist and the songs he make, make me want to go to a party. He's one of those rappers who i feel is most defiantly on their way to the top. Hailing from Pittsburg, Wiz Khalifa is giving people something to talk about! TAYLOR GANG OR DIE! :D
Check out his music video for his song "In the cut" ( One of my favs from him xD)

Bring me the Horizon

So i was browsing through this writing site i usaully go on, and i saw this picture of a dude rocking out with a mic in his hand. So i checked the article out and found out that the guy in the picture was actually apart of this band called "Bring me the Horizon". Being me, you know i had to search the band up and sure enough i fell in love. The song that really caught my attention was "Diamonds aren't forever", because of the beginning lyrics. This band is great, they have such good music. And if you're into screamo, then they are defiantly for you. Did I mention that i am now totally in love with Oli Sykes ( the lead singer) :D
Check out Diamonds Aren't forever:

Music Fridays ohhh how much everyone loves you! xD Anyway, see ya here next Friday for another edition!

Love music all day!,
Gabby G.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Blahhh post

Today's post is a more of a blahhh post as we all know, yesterday was my 1st day of 8th grade xD. I'm not going to go into to too much detail about it because............... tomorrow i will be doing my FIRST vlog about it. I know, i was supposed to do it yesterday, but really you guys have noo idea how worn out i am. Today i slept in, because i have no school today or tomorrow( THANK GOD :D), i didn't even realize how tired i was. But yesterday in school, i raved all about this wonderful blog at every chance i got! To end this blahhh post, i'm going to end it with music! Get ready 4 Music Friday and my 1st vlog!

Psst!!! She's nine and Will smith's daughter! I'm telling you, she killed this song xD

Whip ya hair!,
Gabby G.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's on Gabby's Ipod?

Yes another edition of what's on my iPod, i decided since tomorrow is school and you guys have been hearing about it for soo long, i would do another segment of this. Here's my idea for the "What's on my ipod" segments, i'm going to do one once a month! I feel like that's apropriate, because you guys get ur daily dose of music with Music Friday and everything i do music related. So enjoy :D who knows maybe you'll end up loving these tracks yourself.
Mac Miller
One of the artists from Music Friday last week, so we already know my opinion on him. But over the weekend i downloaded his mixtape K.I.D.S. which has influences from one of my favorite movies of the same name. Except K.I.D.S. for Mac means "Kickin' Incredibly Dope Sh*t" :D These two songs are defiantly my favs from him.
1) Outside

2)La la la

My opinion on Rihanna is.....blah, but i have 2 admit she makes some pretty catchy songs. This is her new single from her new album, and i like it.
1) Only Girl ( in the world)
Only Girl (In the World) - Rihanna by Rap-Up
She's been gone for SO long and to be honest she was always one of my favorite singers. Happy 2 see her back on the music scene and this song is defiantly bomb.
1) In the Dark

Now, you know i couldn't end this without including my love :D These two songs have been on repeat
1) Sellout

2) The Lousy Truth

And that concludes this segment :D Getting prepared and ready for school tomorrow, happy that i'm gonna see the besties xD
Turn up the volume!,
Gabby G.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Have a Confession to Make: I'm a Shopaholic :D

Yes, i am indeed a shopaholic, but i don't consider it to be a serious problem. I just like to shop, it's like, if i see a whole bunch of stores or a mall i get really REALLY happy. My heart smiles at the thought of buying stuff. Today was a good day for me, because i went to Queens Center Mall. A shopaholic's favorite place to be is the mall mind you!
Ahh back 2 school shopping time, my favorite time of the year. Really! I love getting stuff and what-not. On the way there i remembered that Leandra lives around woodhaven so i was wondering about her. Went to forever 21 and got my school bag. When i there with my mom, i saw this shirt and i just.....went crazy with joy. It was sooo beautiful and so...amazing, i didn't get it :( but i must go back and get it. No matter what, i will make sure i own that shirt!!!!! My Dad was lost on the way back, he kept on driving down the wrong streets, but we managed to get back to Bushwick (I doubt my dad is ever going to want to go back unless i force him). Other than that, i had a great time today with my mom, dad and my big bro. Shopping makes me smile on the inside and out xD.

Shopping is good! (Singing voice! :D),
Gabby G.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer you have came and gone

I woke up today and i realized that summer really is over, it's getting colder and the sun is going down quicker plus the obvious school is opening. This summer, i did a lot of stuff that i was proud of, one of which is creating this blog, i was real hesitant to do it, but i did and now i love it. When school starts, i'm going to be a LOT more busy and sometimes i might not post but do not worry, i will try my best to post as often as i can xD.
Last week, i found a movie that i am absolutely in LOVE with so today i am going to make a list of my favorite movies of all time! So grab ur popcorn and get to watching these must-see movies :D

Alpha Dog
One of my absolute favorites, the movie that made me fall in love with Emile Hirsch xD.

Real in every way, this is the way girls and boys act these days, even worse seeing as this movie was made wayy long ago. I loved it and i'm pretty sure you will too.

Like kids, it shows what happens to some kids while they grow up. This movie is the prefect example of what can happen when you hang around the wrong crowd.

I'm pretty sure i have a lot more favorite movies, but my mind just can't seem to remember them right now. Anyway, sit down and watch these movies! I am demanding you to do so or i will hunt you down and............have a nice talk with you :D

Love some movies!,
Gabby G

Friday, September 3, 2010

Music Fridays

So today is Friday which means and we all know what happens on Fridays at Gabbyluvs ;) I can't believe this is going to be the last music Friday that i have no school :( Boo! Maybe......JUST MAYBE, i will do 2 posts today, but remember that's just a maybe xD Onto to Music Friday!!!!!!!
Mac Miller

I'll admit it, when I first heard about his song "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza" like many others i thought it was probably weak....then i listened to it. As soon as he started rapping, i could tell that he was good... not good...more like great. With him being white, he's more than likely gonna be compared to Eminem, but honestly they have COMPLETELY different flows and everything. Defiantly one of the artists to watch out 4 :D
Check out his music video for his song "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza".

Being dubbed as "The new Chris Brown", Khalil defiantly has a lot of expectations to live up to. Now really i knew about Khalil for a long time, i just...never listened to his music. While doing my daily website check on ( A site i recommend 2 everyone) i saw a post about him and his new music video. I'll admit it, i watched the video and i did not like the all. It's one of those songs that i had to play over and over to actually like it. Now it's stuck in my head and i can't get the lyrics out! While i don't agree with him being the next Chris Brown, i do believe that he's got the potential to be BIG. Check out his music video! (Did i mention he's 15? xD):

New Music!! Yay :),
Gabby G

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Apple: You should probably take all of my money now

So if you didn't know, today was Apple's big music event announcing their new products and what now. I am a certified techie freak, i love technology and everything new i always want to know about first. Most people would just wait until they heard it on the news but oh noo not me, i have to go and watch the whole keynote! Every time i saw one of the new products, my eyes popped and my mouth dropped. So what are Apple's new products? Let us see:
Biggest Annoucement (For me anyway :D)
Ipod Touch 4G

Ahhh beautiful isn't it?! It's got 2 camera's.....YAY! Since i am the owner of the ipod touch 2g i will most defiantly be getting this! Time to upgrade :D
And then there's the new ipod nano:

Pretty adorable right?! i mean it has a touchscreen and it's so small....which makes it so...right :D

Besides the new itouch, this anouncement was my favorite: itunes 10

According to Mr. Steve Jobs, itunes 10 has this social network called Ping which is like facebook and twitter combined.....only about music. I was in love with it as soon as he started talking about it. Music is as we all love and social networks are how i keep in contact with the rest of the world. So you put both together and i feel.... BEYOND HAPPY! I demand all of you to sign up for ping so we can all talk about music xD

Via Engadget^

Oh Apple i love you very much, i'm probably going to be forced to get a job if you keep on bringing out new products :( But on the other hand: (Singing time xD) I'm gonna get a new ipod!!!!!!!!!

Rejoice 4 Apple products!,
Gabby G