Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comedy + A slacker

Alright so maybe, JUST MAYBE, i've been slacking a bit with the posts. But gahh, school is soo freakin tiring, it's a bunch of B.S. if you ask me. But it's a bunch a B.S. that i have 2 go through unfortunely D: A lil' shout out to Bestie Taty, yesterday her arm was hurting her and she was in pain :( So she went home early...Hope ya get better bestie! But onto the next part
Ahh my love for comedy, i love 2 laugh, i mean who doesn't. It takes a lot to get me to laugh too, not just the simple stuff. If you didn't already know, Shane Dawson is really one of my favorite youtube comedians. Recently i found two people who make me laugh equally as loud :D Check them out


Kain or Hotdamnirock is really one of the funniest people on youtube along with Shane Dawson. I figure why he's so funny is because he speaks the truth, he speaks about real stuff. Check him out!


Like Kain, Jerry is funny because he talks about the real stuff. Really tho, check him out! Hella Funny xD

Hope you enjoyed this post, let's pray that school doesn't tire me out tomorrow enough to do another post :)

Gabby G.

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