Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Friday: The next Justin Biebers :)

Ahh Music Friday, the one consistent post on Gabby Luvs xD how much i love you! If you couldn't tell from the title, today's M.F. is all about the kiddies. And if you really think about it, i kinda fit in that category -_- MUSIC TIME
Jawan Harris
Associated with the great Chris Brown, he deserves to be in this post. When i tell you boy can sing, that isn't even the right thing to say, boy can SANG. Did i mention that he's only 12 years old? So it really doesn't surprise me that he hangs with Chris breezy. I found out about him by looking on this random site. I advise all of you guys to check him out. Next big thing!

Mindless Behavior

While this is a boy band, i still see them as able to fit into the Justin Bieber category. I found out about Mindless Behavior from that site i told you guys about last M.F.( When i first heard their song "My girl", my first thought?
"Catchy as hell". Seriously i could not stop playing the song when i heard it. Check them out and get the song stuck in your head xD

Yay for youngsters :D,
Gabby G.

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