Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gossiping time! + The Plan

Soooo here we are again back to the start! -_- I feel like i've been neglecting Gabbyluvs lately, more or less since school started. But i feel even worse because i've been paying Luuux a lot more attention(Hey it's free things! I like free things!) but i think i have a plan xD just read on to find out what it is!

Ahh gossiping time, i've decided that i love to write down the weeks gossip so much that it's gonna become a segment on here along with Music Friday. Scream yay 4 new segments!

This was just horrible, i mean how do you mix up the winners?!

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I bet yo guys already know what i'm about to say about these two huh? Welll just in case you didn't and you're thinking about marrying JB anytime soon (which i hope and pray not) check this out.

Dear Rihanna A.K.A. Ronald McDonald, please get rid of that red wig....please? Oh and leave my Drakey alone, i mean just look at him in this picture he is obviously not interested -_- Keep yo red lips to yourself!

Harajuku Barbie biitch! Go head wit' yo bad self ;)

Alright so Gabby now has a twitter -___-, i made one strictly for Luuux actually but i find myself falling deeper and deeper into my twitter addiction. Sooo uh follow me at But to my plan, during the week, i will post every other day. So instead of Monday me posting, i'll post on Tuesday and so on, Sound good? I know, i know, not really, but it's better than nothing right? Get ready for Music Friday my wonderful readers :D

Wow u craziii lmao,
Gabby G.

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