Friday, September 10, 2010

Music Fridays

Yes today is Music Friday and today is also the day that i put my 1st vlog up! So get excited for that and in the meanwhile, read up about some new music xD.

Wiz Khalifa
Out of all of all of the music sites and blogs that i visit on the daily, i've always skipped through the Wiz Khalifa posts. Don't ask me why, because honestly i really don't know why. Now that i have listened to his music, i'm like "Damn why didn't i listen to him sooner?". He's a great lyricist and the songs he make, make me want to go to a party. He's one of those rappers who i feel is most defiantly on their way to the top. Hailing from Pittsburg, Wiz Khalifa is giving people something to talk about! TAYLOR GANG OR DIE! :D
Check out his music video for his song "In the cut" ( One of my favs from him xD)

Bring me the Horizon

So i was browsing through this writing site i usaully go on, and i saw this picture of a dude rocking out with a mic in his hand. So i checked the article out and found out that the guy in the picture was actually apart of this band called "Bring me the Horizon". Being me, you know i had to search the band up and sure enough i fell in love. The song that really caught my attention was "Diamonds aren't forever", because of the beginning lyrics. This band is great, they have such good music. And if you're into screamo, then they are defiantly for you. Did I mention that i am now totally in love with Oli Sykes ( the lead singer) :D
Check out Diamonds Aren't forever:

Music Fridays ohhh how much everyone loves you! xD Anyway, see ya here next Friday for another edition!

Love music all day!,
Gabby G.

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