Monday, September 27, 2010

We All Like a little Luuuxury :D

Today my wonderful readers, even though i was madd confused on what to write today we are just gonna do a lil' filler post :D Cause i'm hella tired and i must sleep! So right now i want to tell you guys about this site called Luuux.

Luuux is basically this site where you blog for their point system called "Luuux$" and you get free stuff. I actually found out about this site from the youtube gurus and if you watch them, this is probably old news to you. But yeah, they offer stuff like macbooks, apple products, make-up etc. Plus i think its really cool! You can just have fun with it! Check it out*

*Ever since heard the song "Check it out" by Nicki Minaj, that what i think about when i say check it out ow xD

Get that money Beyotch!,
Gabby G.

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