Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Blahhh post

Today's post is a more of a blahhh post as we all know, yesterday was my 1st day of 8th grade xD. I'm not going to go into to too much detail about it because............... tomorrow i will be doing my FIRST vlog about it. I know, i was supposed to do it yesterday, but really you guys have noo idea how worn out i am. Today i slept in, because i have no school today or tomorrow( THANK GOD :D), i didn't even realize how tired i was. But yesterday in school, i raved all about this wonderful blog at every chance i got! To end this blahhh post, i'm going to end it with music! Get ready 4 Music Friday and my 1st vlog!

Psst!!! She's nine and Will smith's daughter! I'm telling you, she killed this song xD

Whip ya hair!,
Gabby G.

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