Friday, October 1, 2010

Music Fridays

It's Music Friday, we all love music don't we? It's especially good today if you live in NY because of the dark gloomy weather (Which i love mind you). But let's get 2 it shall we?
I've been holding my tongue about this since Wednesday. If you follow me on Luuux then you must likely already know but you Christofer Drew lovers look closely at the picture and who's in it. Yep, that's right Chris has another band, a SCREAMO band. My soft calm voiced angel can scream his head off! I found out about this from my Bestie Leandra actually. I really do like the band, not only for Chris, but because the music is actually very good. I am demanding you to look them up (I had to find something else 2 say except check it out :D)


I actually found out about this girl group today, or technically yesterday since i saw their name i just never clicked on it -_- Anyway the trio is made up of 19 year old's Asia and Marissa and 18 year old Miriah. They were actually making youtube videos of them singing, i'm not sure if they still do. I really like how their name sounds kind of like a play on words with the word History and Her Story. After hearing their debut single which samples B.I.G. i instantly wanted it on my ipod! Really they have beautiful voices. check them out!

Mack'n by HerStoryMusic

Tomorrow i'm going to the Citywide High school fair, so i'll defiantly report back about it but hope you enjoyed the new music and don't forget to check out my twitter @Gabbyluvs96 :D

I scream music!,
Gabby G.

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