Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A happy little trooper!

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Patiently trying to slow down the days before school starts :( I love school, yes, but i don't like waking up at 6:3o in the morning at all. Especially since i spent most of my summer going to sleep at 4 a.m. and getting up in the evening xD I am excited though, i can't wait to see everybody but more than ever i can't wait to finally start my last year at that school. I mean after 8 years at one school you start to get agitated with it. New York is freaking HOT, like i'm so happy i actually got to slept last night :D
Anyways did you guys hear about Drake's wife? Yup that's right he's married but to who may be your question, take a look at the picture!
Ms. Nicki Minaj! Over the weekend, Drake and Nicki played a trick on twitter and told everyone that they were married. Me being the major Drake and Nicki Minaj fan that i am was happy but i kinda figured it wasn't true. So for all of you wondering people noooo it is not true and Drake is still available :D

So off to youtube i go, to watch videos and laugh! I am going to make the best out of these last few days of freedom :)

Enjoy ur freedom while you can!,
Gabby G

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