Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monsters in High School? Hmmm

Just got back from Coney Island, had fun even though i refused to go on ANY rides. Believe me i learned my lesson the first time! xD
Anyway about a month or so ago, i was searching on one of my favorite author's Lisi Harrison (Author of The Clique) blog and i found out that she was in the process of publishing her new book Monster High. Such a cute cover right?

So then i also read that the book is a partner 2 the doll line and i stopped. DOLL LINE?! Yea whatever your thinking is what i was thinking or not u never know. To be honest i thought it was a brilliant idea, i mean c'mon why not make more money by making kids buy the book and the dolls. Now me, i stopped messing with dolls when i was like 10 or even younger, but there some times when Dolls just so happen to catch my eye. Most of the dolls that have been coming out lately are no where near as attractive as the beauty i saw when i checked out the Monster High dolls:

How pretty r these dolls?! I mean yea i'm 14 but i would buy all just 2 look at them and keep them there in my room :) Plus their all named after famous monsters! How cool is that?!
My favorite dolls out of all of them are:
Frankie Stein
Get it? Frankenstein
soooo pretty!!!!!

Can you guess who she's named after? awww u can't? Dracula duh!
Pretty in Pink!

They even have a whole bunch of webisodes with them in it! Check one out:

Luv the theme song!
Anyway, i hope u like them and maybe even love them? If ur into reading (Which everyone should be! xD) then ur gonna have 2 wait until September 1st for it to come out. But if u want a sneek peekers! ( I like that, sneak peekers! and i know u all want it) go check out Lisi harrison's blog:
Blaters ( A.K.A. the new way 2 say Laters......4 me anyway),
Gabby G

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