Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To peirce or not is the question.....

See i'm the type of person who likes the way something looks and doesn't think of the consequences of it. For example piercings... i only have one piercing besides the regular ear piercing that every girl has which is this one:

Which is if you can't see in my ear on the top and while that may not be considered an extreme piercing, it was at the time i got it. Which was at 10 or 11 and now i'm 14 (And 5 months counting until 15! xD). My parents are pretty strict about everything i do and piercing aren't that big in their heads.
My mother would just die if i came home one day with my lip or some other place pierced. And i'm that big of a fan for pain. Leandra, yeah she can deal with pain, me.... not that much.

What i really want though is a nose piercing xD it seems so pretty. But eh, a lot of pain :(

I personally like this one! :) quick and easy, my kinda style

But i know doing it with a gun isn't safe and the rest of that blah blah and don't worry i will follow all of that blah blah :)
Leandra's good for these type of things and she does it by her self! yeah... i couldn't do that.
Do something wild and tell me about it!,
Gabby G

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