Monday, August 16, 2010

I flip through these pages like...

Today is Monday so it's kinda slow and therefore my mind isn't thinking that quickly with what new ideas to come up with and write. Boo! :( i love coming up with genius ideas, but today we'll settle for some of my thoughts on stuff:
1) So uh Tila Tequila ( Ya know the girl with the dating show a few years ago) got attacked at a concert
Justify Full

As much as i think she vies for attention WAY too much, no one deserves to be beaten up like that or attacked :(
2) Justin Bieber has a cruel side everybody! Who thought that sweet Justin could be so mean as to give out somebody's phone number?!

Apparently Justin tweeted this ^ last night to his 4.5 MILLION followers. What Gabby heard is that the phone number belonged to some boy in Detroit. Guess dude knows now DON'T MESS WITH THE BIEBER!
This is just plain wrong, all of those people straight ganged up on the girl and that boy is a lame for even touching her. That goes for all boys who decide that its alright to hit girls (Chris brown gets a pass).
This video made me cry from laughter! I love the Fly Guys! Seriously a MUST WATCH
Hope you enjoyed this post xD
Do something fun!,
Gabby G

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