Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a sneaker head!

Replaying and Replaying Nevershoutnever's new album "Harmony" on Myspace because as we know Gabby loves him and his soothing voice! Anyway, who loves sneakers? Like i'm a girl but when it comes 2 sneakers i could care less if they were meant for boys. One of my favorite brand of sneakers is Supra, EVERYONE needs 2 have a pair of supra sneakers if ur a sneaker addict like me.
This is the pair of Supra's that i have now! :)

This is my Dream sneaker xD Ahh i want it!!!!! Bet u guys do 2!

I was searching around on Diggy Simmons' blog and i found out..... he has a sneaker line that's coming out! YAY!!!!!!! His sneaker line is pretty dope if i say so myself, but my mom says that she wants me 2 wear more girly sneakers -_- Ahh i know dope sneakers when i see them so.... xD
I think this one is super dope, just because i don't have red sneakers! Good job Diggy!

I love every type of sneaker and i don't care about the brand, point is if u make dope sneakers u will have a customer in Gabby xD Converse, vans, adidas, i LOVE them all because when ur a sneaker addict u love dope sneakers =) It's a rainy day in New York today, so i'm gonna stay in and chill, listen 2 music, watch youtube ya know the regular. Tell me in the comments what sneakers u guys like!
Psst- Me and Leandra love the word AWESOMENESS!! So that's the word of the day xD
Scream Awesomeness from the top of ur lungs!,
Gabby G

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