Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everybody Knows Imma Muthaf*cking Monster

GAH! I cannot stop listening to Kayne West's song "Monster". When i say this song goes hard, i mean it goes HARD. I'm the type of girl who likes that hardcore rap and i really mean that, rap that just goes so hard. Most girls are not like me and like to listen to other stuff because they feel rap is strictly for one type of person. That's not me at ALL, you look on my ipod and i will guarantee you, you will every type of genre on it.

Kanye goes hard and so does Jay-Z, but the standout verse on this whole song goes to......take a guess ( And it's surely not rick ross or that unknown dude) yes Nicki Minaj. Honestly, Nicki just made the song what it really is: An EPIC track. Besides "Up all night" with Drake and "Bottoms Up" with Trey, her features on songs never tend to leave my mouth wide open. That was what happened when i heard her verse on this last night, like i was speechless that she went and murdered it. I really think this is one her best verses ever. I advise you all to listen to listen to this song! Have a great Saturday my people :D

Get shocked!,
Gabby G

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