Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Very Early Music Friday

So its 1:29 in the morning and where is Gabby? Sitting in a dark room, listening to this mixtape and writing this post!
Colette Carr
If you watched Teennick's "The Nightlife" tonight after Degrassi, and watched until the end, you would've saw her on it. That is how i and many other people discovered Colette Carr. That performance left me shocked and thinking this chick was completely crazy and i had to find out more about her.
I wasn't sure if i liked her song "Back it up" but after listening to it the second time and watching that seriously crazy video along with her video for "Bitch like me" and i loved it. Searching through the comments on utube ( which is something i usually always do) i found out that her mixtape was coming out at 12 am. And that is the mixtape i am listening to right now and i must say she's crazy,vulgar funny and she's the first white female rapper to come out of Malibu! Plus i must say i was very VERY impressed with this mixtape.

Cady Groves

While searching through comments on some of Nevershoutnever's songs,i noticed that some people were mentioning how this girl, Cady Groves is like the female version of him. Now as a hardcore Nevershoutnever, i had to check this out and whoever made those comments were absolutely right.
She really does remind me of the female version of Nevershoutnever, she has a beautiful voice kinda like him. I downloaded a lot of songs from her and i love all of them. Plus when i checked on Hot Topic's website, they had this feature where music artists showed some of their favorite songs from the store and guessed who was involved in it? Yes Cady Groves was in it. Check her out, she's a really good singer! :)

And there you have it, Music Friday at very early in the morning xD Enjoy it!!!
Scream Yay for Music Friday!,
Gabby G

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