Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's on Gabby's Ipod?

There are a lot of things that i like to do, and with this blog, it's make topics that i keep around. Just like Music Friday, What's on Gabby's Ipod is gonna be a regular topic, i'm just not sure if it'll always be on Tuesday. Mind you that i didn't post yesterday because i decided to take a break, yea i know, "But we wanted more insight into your brain Gabby!". Don't worry, it's just sometimes i have to take time to think about what i'm gonna write about, i'm a genius yes, but even genius's had to take time and think. xD
Now besides that little intro up there, let's get straight to business. What's on Gabby's ipod is when i show you all of the new music i've gotten over the week:
Thanks to Leandra, this summer i've become fans of some great artists. Like Nevershoutnever! (Did i mention that i love him?)
These two songs which made their way onto my ipod yesterday are from his album "Harmony" coming out on August 24th.
1) This shit getz old

2) Iloveyoumorethanyouwilleverknow

Then there's Asking Alexandria(Tidbit: Alexandria is my middle name xD), which is....amazing mind you
1) The Final Episode ( if you check on Leandra's blog this is there 2)

2) Hey there Mr. Brooks(ft. Shawn Milke) My favorite song from them!

Drake, we all know how i feel about him :) (Even though he going down on my favorite list because of his recent actions)
1) Ready for you (This is a reference song, which means that besides the rap part this song is meant for a girl)

2) Right above it (Drake is a feature on this song, this one is from Lil'Wayne)

"This dat slumdog millionaire bollywood flow and uhhh"-Drake
K.Michelle is somebody who's been on my ipod for a while, but the video for this song just came out yesterday and i feel like people can relate to this.
Can't Do this

And that is it for this segment, ahh i sound like a news reporter and i'm not sure if that's good or bad. Anyway, i'll talk to you guys tomorrow because i've a book to sit down and read :)
Listen to music always and read a lil',
Gabby G

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