Sunday, August 8, 2010

What do i love? Youtube! :)

Youtube is, if the world didn't already know, the source 4 almost everything. You can get famous off of youtube, find new music, find new shows, find basically anything :) and anyone who's happened to browse through this blog can see that utube is a daily use 4 me.
So today i'll show u a few videos from utube that i think everyone should know about:
Haul Videos:
Haul videos are the norm on utube, anyone who's happened 2 do anything on utube will see these type of videos. Haul videos are basically people showing u the things they've bought. I love clothes all together, so these type of videos make me happy!

Haul video also fall into youtube's beauty world, which consists of makeup tutorials, beauty tips and etc....

Comedy videos on youtube are also the regular, most people put up comedy videos just 4 the sake of it and then they just so happen 2 get famous off of it(example: Shane Dawson)

Ahh the dancing on youtube, if you haven't seen my "Oh so you think you can dance" post go see that to hear my opinion.

Youtube can make you skyrocket to fame, especially with singers. Example: Justin Bieber was discovered from where- Youtube.

And while there's a lot more on Youtube, you'll find that by yourself :) I know everyone uses youtube, but learn new stuff from this post. That's always my goal to teach my readers about the things i love.
MIND YOU I CAME UP WITH THE IDEA ALL BY MYSELF!!! noo i'm lying Leandra gave me the idea! xD so thanks to the bestie!
Gabby loves utube and i'm sure u do 2,
Gabby G

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