Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pink Friday, All grown up, a Funny video and Happy B-day

Today's post is a three topic one, mostly because i feel like making it a three topic post day :) Let's start with my first topic, which is none other than Ms. "It's Barbie B-tch!".
On Ustream yesterday, Ms. Minaj announced the title to her LONG- awaited debut album which comes out November 23rd. So what exactly is the album name? Just watch below:

Yep that's right "Pink Friday", now me i wasn't there when she announced it so when i read that the album was gonna be called "Pink Friday" i was like "What the hell?". Yeah she's one weird and confusing chick, but i was confused when i read "Pink Friday". I just thought she should've named it anything else except for that and then i read the reason and i understood why. Hey i can't blame her, i like pink! :)
I have a new love ( Don't worry Drake ur still #1 xD) and he's a rapper, a good one at that. Let's see what kind of guesses i can give u? Um he's 15, ahh he was on a reality tv show on MTV. His dad is famous for being in a rap group, any guesses yet?

Oh Diggy grew up so much from his Run's house days, i always did think he was the cutest one. But now he's a signed artist who's making every blog and website notice him, including mine ;) Even MTV noticed him, by nominating him for "hottest breakout MC" which is a big honor for any rapper period. Did i mention dude can spit bars 4 days? He's good and i think he knows it, check out my favorite song of his "Thinkin 'bout u" on my music player.

Somehow, somewhere, u heard about this, but just in cause u haven't, U must press play and glue ur eyes to this video

Laugh and laugh hard xD HIDE YO KIDS!
I have 2 put this in bold because i feel like this is important, oh forget feelings, this is important! Today marks one week since i started this blog! Gabbyluvs is now 1 week old along with Leandralovesyu. I'm happy that people are actually reading this blog and i'm going to try my best to please my audience. If you guys who read this blog want me to put my all into this blog, i will. So to one week and the many more weeks to come!

Sing happy B-day and smile alittle!,

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