Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Like to laugh

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If there's one thing i like doing is being able 2 laugh at something, and i'm not talking about those little haha moments that we all do when something is funny but not extremely funny. I like to find stuff that i can laugh at loudly, so much that i can't catch my breath, yeah that.
If there's one person who can make me laugh that way its defiantly Shane Dawson, dude was born with a sense of humor, i believe that. Check out a few videos from him:

I also like this one

Pt 2

Yea Shane Dawson's one funny dude right? Youtube's got a lot of funny people and a lot of funny things.

But anyway, today is a sad day cause i found out HORRIBLE news, but read about it on Leandra's blog, i still have hope after all it is a maybe. I'm also kicking myself very hard 4 not posting yesterday, but i was...... oh forget lying i was WAY 2 lazy 2 write. So today i will make it my obligation to put another new post up!!!!

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