Friday, August 27, 2010

Music Fridays: The Jerkin Edition

Yes you read correct, today's Music Friday is called the Jerkin edition because i'm writing about two rappers who make Jerkin music. If you've read my earlier posts from when I first started Gabby Luvs, then you would know that i love Jerkin music and the movement all together. JERKIN CAN'T DIE XD
Young Sam

In my opinion, there are some great rappers out there, especially new and undiscovered ones. And I personally feel that Young Sam goes hard on EVERY song he does. Like i could never listen to one of his songs and be like "Nahh this is wack", because he spits fire! Dude needs to be signed........QUICK! :D Anybody who thinks what Soulja Boy is doing is considered REAL rap obviously is crazy, listen to Young Sam and then you're listening to real rap. Like seriously, his lyrics are soooo catchy i walk around singing his songs. He keeps the jerkin movement alive and well, believe me when i say Young Sam is gonna be a name that everyone knows one day! :D
Check out his music video!

New Era

Everything i said about Young Sam is exactly the same way to describe New Era, just replace his name and the he's and his with her's and her. New Era has sick flow, too sick to ignore really xD You think Nicki Minaj has dirty lyrics? Then go check out some of New Era's songs. She deserves to be signed by now or something, i really hope she gets big cuz she has great potential to be something big. She's one of those rappers that you listen to and you're like.... "Wow, this ish goes HARD!". I have some of her songs in my music player so check that out, but also check out my favorite song from her "Get used to it".

Enjoy the music and remember new music is good music! Open your ears 2 something new, who knows you might enjoy it!

Scream YAY 4 music!,


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