Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Wellll..... i was originally going to write about celebrities lives but as we can see that did not work. I think this post goes hand in hand with the post i did yesterday about reality shows, somewhat, because reality shows are the shows where you're most likely to see fights on TV. So let's see some of my Favorite fights:

Natalie vs Kendra, Kate and Amber
This fight was....funny 2 me, Natalie gets props from me cuz she fought all of them by herself! :) Hands down Natalie wins this round

This hands down out of all Reality TV show fights, this one defiantly takes the cake for most violent.

Point Blank Tanisha's hood hahahah lol :)
What are ur favorite Reality show fights? Tell me in the comments!
Watch TV,
Gabby G

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