Saturday, August 14, 2010

My eyes stay glued to the screen 4......

REALITY TV!!! I'm so serious when i say that reality tv is basically one of my guilty pleasures along with kiddie shows (Hey you're never too old to watch rugrats!) The one's that entertain me the most though are dating shows, because usually the fights show up quicker! :) i like watching people fight! But you have to admit when it comes to reality shows, it's someway or another scripted, but that doesn't stop people from watching it now does it!

The bad girls club if u haven't watched it yet or ever is basically what it sounds like. A bunch of girls living together and causing some complete chaos. I mean when it comes to this show, fights happen on the first episode! Check out a clip from the new season

JERSEY SHORE!!! C'mon everyone's heard of this show, even the president's heard about it so there's no excuse for not knowing it! It's addictive, it's funny and it's(as much as i would like to say differently) interesting. Season 2 started a few weeks back and this time its in Miami, not on the jersey shore!

I have a whole bunch more reality shows that i watch on the norm, but those two are the two that i tune into every Thursday and Tuesday to watch! Like i said, reality shows are my guilty pleasure!xD
Watch tv and laugh at it :),
Gabby G

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