Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Friday

Ahh wonderful internet, how much i love you so. Today was an alright day well until i came home only to find out that my damn internet and cable was gone! My cable's still gone -_- making it so i can't watch my beloved Degrassi:( But hey it's alright, because i've got my internet making it possible to write up today's Music Friday.

Jasmine V.

Remember that gossip post a did a few weeks ago and you guys saw a picture of her this Yeah JB's lil' hook up on the side (such a playa :D) But what i probably didn't mention is that she's a GREAT singer. Like many of the artists featured on M.F. i've known about her for quite a while now, before JB came into the picture. She is actually a really good singer, plus her songs are hella catchy. I know she's gonna have a hard time now tho, cuz lil' girls out here love JB like odee and they don't want him kissing anyone else out there :/

Mayday Parade

So as usual when doing my daily sweep of websites, the name Mayday Parade caught my eye. I thought to myself, "that's one hell of an interesting name" and searched it up only to find it was band. Well i'm glad searched it up, because i actually like them. Describing their sound would be kind've hard but i'll just say Alternative alright! I'm in love with their song "When I Get home you're so dead", my ishh rite there! :D

As usual tell Gabby whatchu think about it! Music Friday = love, yes i know :D Gabbyluvs FTW xD

I'm smarter than u :D,
Gabby G

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