Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's on Gabby's Ipod?

Oh YEAH! Time for what's on Gabby's Ipod OH YEAH! ( A lil' Jersey Shore education for ya there!) I felt that today i should do a "What's on my ipod" post because i haven't done one in a while and if you know me, you'd know that i am ALWAYS on the hunt for new music. My goal for the day sometimes is to add new songs on my ipod :D Music loves me and i love it back!

Drake- I Get lonely Too

Gahhh i love this song! Drake is so multi-talented and i love hearing him sing :D I've got a special post tomorrow about him, if you're a big Drake fan then you'll already know what it's about!

Young Sam- "She likes me"

When i think of the King of Jerk, i think of Young Sam :D Like i can't find one song that i dislike from him at all. Plus he's hella sexy ;) This song has been on repeat for me this week tho

Tyga- Maybe

Tyga goes hard. Nuff' said :D

Wiz Khalifa- "Chewy" and "Who I am"

Ahh the love i have for Wiz Khalifa :D I found out about "Who i am" from a friend and in the process found "Chewy". Therefore these two have been on repeat all week.

The Millionaires- Party like a Millionaire

They're soo trashy it's a good thing XD On repeat all week DGAF BABY!

Hope you guys liked it and see i'm sticking to my plan! Even if this is a lil' late in the night (what can i say i'm a night person)

Who's a DGAF member? I am :D,
Gabby G.

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