Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back xD

One week.....and i am back from vacation. I wasn't happy before with the way Gabbyluvs was going and as much as i've said it, i've been ignoring this. This one post today one post wednesday thing isn't working for me. One post a day or even more because back in the summer, i had views and comments like.....crazy. I want that back and i also guess that it means that one of the reasons i hardly posted all the time was because i didn't have an idea as to what to post. So from now one, one sunday or saturday rolls around or whenever i get an idea i'll write it down just so i can have an idea as to what to post. I guess with this new leaf i'm turning over it means i should get a new design for Gabbyluvs. As much as i love the design that i have now, it's time for something new. Anyways hope ya missed me a lil' bit while i was gone :D (Ah Drake you're so inspiring xD) BUT I'M BACK BITCHES :D

Gabby's back and ya better run!,
Gabby G.

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