Monday, October 25, 2010

Gabby's a confused lil' chickie :D

Yeah so it's venting time! OH YEAH! VENTING TIME! OH YEAH! Today was semi-non interesting at school. Mind you i just got up from a nice nap (Yeah what bitch, i take naps -_- you should try it sometime). Yeah soo the week before last, we got our high school applications and as you can probably figure from the title, my ass is still confused -__- i mean my parents want me to go somewhere close to where i live or in the district (Which is something i don't want) and my friends want me to go to the same school they're going to (which i do want) It's like everytime i decide on a high school someone comes along to change my mind. God has no idea how much stuff i've been doing in the past 2 weeks.Sometimes i swear i'm superwomen or something, then this Thursday is my senior spirit day where we dress up like babies, so i've gotta get ready for that and ya know join in on the school spirit. See ya'll tomorrow my peeps and uh i love that i'm keeping up with posting everyday even if it is late.

Tell me something i don't know then we'll talk,
Gabby G.

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