Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good things always come to an end

As you can see, i haven't posted in the last two days :( But that's because i've been thinking about making a decision about the fate of Gabbyluvs. I hate to say it, but i think for now, GabbyLuvs is done. I just can't deal with it the way i did in the summer when GabbyLuvs first started out. I doubt this is the last anyone will see of me though :D Don't worry about that, i've always got a plan up my sleeve. I always felt bad about not making a post and somewhere along the line it just wasn't fun for me anymore and it became an obligation. I love GabbyLuvs and i'm gonna love looking back on my previous posts and what not and see about life two months ago to now. To everyone who supported this blog and followed, thank you it meant a lot to me :) it always made me smile to see that i was getting so many views and stuff. I could babble on and on, but i won't :P I'm gonna miss Gabbyluvs, i really am but watch out for that name there: Gabby! See ya later cuz this isn't a goodbye :D

My name is Gabriela, my friends and family call me Gabby. I created Gabbyluvs out of my passion for Writing and finding a way to share it. I'm a 14 year old ( Almost 15) who lives in Brooklyn, New York (BROOKLYN STAND UP) I love making people laugh, i love writing, i hate gossip, i hate fake people. I am not considered to be mean and my slogan at school is "That's not nice!" lmao. I try my hardest to not let things get to me and i am always ready and willing to listen and help with someone's problems( my friends consider me as their personal therapist) Look out for me though because i'm a threat in disguise, Belee dat :D


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