Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ya'll probably mad huh?

Now listen, it's not like i'm purposely ignoring Gabbyluvs, but like i've said 1 hundred times since school started (welllll maybe not 1 hundred....oh you get the point) it's just that i'm hella tired when i get home from school. Most of my time after finishing homework is taking my butt to sleep. If it makes you feel any better, i have ignored Luuux for the same amount of time i've ignored Gabbyluvs. Plus as much as this may seem hard to believe, i really do run out of things to write about, which is pretty bad if you ask me. Today's topic however is one of my favorites, GOSSIPING TIME!!!!

Mr. Eddie Long

Now i'm sure that you've heard about this sick horrible man by now. But if you haven't, three words: Pastor+ Multiple boys.... yeah you get the idea don't you.

Angelina from Jersey shore


See this dumb girl up here ^ yeah besides doing all that's she's done on Jersey Shore and just being plain annoying, she also punched a limo driver in the face. Apparently, it was over the fact that he insulted her mother. Hey at least she got a good hit in!

Tiger Woods

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger....i'm really tired of telling you how to go about your life and you just keep on making mistakes. Listen, i know it's hard now that wifey gone and the kiddies gone too, but you know the reason why that happened, right? So you wanna tell me why, if you had a sex tape and you KNEW you had a sex tape why you wouldn't get rid of it? The stupid things that people do

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent

Well, they look nice as a couple! But I see you Fiddy!, i see you! Get all them white girls while you can!

Breathe happiness for a new post and a lil' gossip :D,
Gabby G.

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