Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's a lil' birdie on my shoulder...

PSST: Don't be mad if this is late blame blogspot for not allowing me to post pictures for some reason and firefox for being crappy and shutting down on me all the time!
Well no not really, but believe me the internet is a big fat bird itself, flying around with lots of information :D. I was super happy today, i found out i got 90 in math XD that's frickin' huge 4 me because i've never gotten a 90 in math before EVER, i suck at math, it just ain't for me. But i'm happy about my grade! It's GOSSIPING TIME OH YEAH :D

J Beibz/ Shawty Mane

See this picture to the left? Yeah i know what you're thinking, "um it JB we know that". Well smartass guess what he's doing in this picture? (Yeah yeah yeah be mad that cursed at you all u want, ur still a smartass take it!) He's rapping, yes you read right RAPPING. JB i love you, but sweetie stick to singing this isn't ur calling. (He actually doesn't sound half- bad :/)

In other JB news, this 16 year old in the picture to your left is what we know as sweet and nice right? WRONG ( Ya know i'm starting to doubt your intelligence), JB punched a 12 year old boy for calling him a fag. While many people would probably like to give that boy an award for saying something they've wanted to say for a while now, i'm giving JB props for defending himself!

Alica "Homewrecker" Keys :D ( I joke, i joke, i kid, i kid)

Guess what they're holding?! Yeah AK had a baby for Swizzy! It's a boy and he was born on the 14th of this month. His name? Egypt i-can't-remember-his-middle-name Dean! Ahh a wonderful AK baby, i wonder if he'll get involved in the music industry? Hey i mean look at Willow Smith! Well congrats AK and Swizzy, raise him right!

Crazy ass Raz B ( i know i didn't know who he was 4 a while either)
If you ever liked B2k (remember "bump, bump, bump"?) then you would probably know about Raz-B. Point blank (please excuse my language) this nigga crazy, going around calling my Marques Houston a pedophile! How dare he! He needs help and quick, okay i get it raz b, you were abused as a child. But that does not mean you go around calling people names and accusing them of crimes they didn't commit! oh and uh Omarion mad at him 2!

And so ends your daily round-up of gossip from dear ol' Gabby! If you want fresh new gossip about EVERYTHING then check out (hey MTO i'm plugging you ova here!) So later my lovelies, talk 2 you tomorrow. (HEY IT'S MUSIC FRIDAY TOMORROW! :D)

I just like to share news, that's all,
Gabby G.

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