Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The besties and Gabby

This is my bestie Leandra, everyone should add this girl on FB because A) she's the weirdest, most coolest person u will ever meet and B) she's just.... Leandra. I mean c'mon 1, ONE aim convo with her made me make this. One conversation with her and u will be laughing all day!

Then there's me a.k.a the author of this WONDERFUL blog and the nicest person u will ever meet ( Even tho if u ask my friends they won't say that).

Then there's the other bestie Tatyana, now she is the wildest one out of all three of us. She's real and she will most likely tell u exactly how she feels about u. I've know her since 2nd grade and she is a great friend. I mean she'll make u laugh and she won't even intend 2.

And this makes my third post! WOOHOO! comment and advertise it plz!

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