Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today was crazy....

So today me, my big bro, my cuz Nelly and my mom and Aunt went out and let me say i had FUN.
1) We went 2 Coney Island
As soon as we got there and i saw the rides i was screaming 2 go on them, especially the Air Race one. At first i didn't think i was going to go through with it in my head even though i was yelling 2 go on it. My mom was practically begging me, "Please Gabriela no don't go". And me and Nelly still got out and went 2 go get the card so we could go on it.
We were walking 2 the ride and you have no idea how fast my heart was beating. Even when me and Nelly were strapped in, i was still saying i could handle it. so when it started i was like, "OH YEA bring it on air race" Why in hell would i say that? it flipped me upside down, all around and made me stay in the air UPSIDE DOWN for a good minute. Just......look at the video:

Yeah that was the hell i went through today, but the beach was great, got my feet wet and the water was amazing!!
2) Plum beach and Canarsie Pier
We just passed through plum beach, and by passed we just rode around in the parking lot. And with Canarsie Pier it was the same but i did see a lot!!! :)
3) Forest Park
Passed by forest park and instantly thought of the bestie Leandra! it was fun over there though
On the highway to Coney Island, my mom was screaming 4 dear life because my aunt who was driving kept on turning her head to show us things. I can see where i develop my sense of fear from now xD.
But today was great and i can't wait 2 go back on Saturday!!

(Psst!!! Do me a favor and never listen 2 Leandra about Coney Island rides cause she makes it seems like its nothing, when i felt horrible 2day on that stupid ride :()

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