Friday, July 30, 2010

Yea i'm a jerk but im a millionaire jerk

Know what Jerkin is? Oh u don't? well its a dance that was created in L.A. and since then has grown to all over the world. The people who made the dance so big, a two word answer: New Boyz!!!
Last year this song was the only thing people would play and because of "You're a Jerk". It sparked the flame which is jerkin + skinny jeans. I like them because their songs r really catchy, seriously i could hear a song and say i dont like it but the next day i'm singing it.
Now it's 2010 and i'm guessing New Boyz r getting ready to get their music back on the radio, since their new album "Too cool 2 care" is coming. But enough about facts gah i sound so much like a nerd, but hey isnt that a trend 2?
Check out the 1st single "Break my Bank".

^Legacy and Ben J

Oh uh if u want 2 see what jerkin is, check this out:

Indigo Unchained( Indigo Vanity) and Cliff Savage r funny huh? plus they can jerk.
Tidbit: Indigo and Legacy used 2 date

The Millionaires described in a few words: Crazy, wild, real and fun. I love their music because A) not only is it fun, but its real. They don't hide themselves behind a whole bunch of lies. So they sing about getting paid and then getting laid, at least they're not pretending 2 be something they're not and that's what u call a REAL artist!

Tidbit: They kinda remind me of Leandra, just not so sex obsessed but shhh!xD

So i hope u learned something new from this post and this is what it's gonna be like every Friday. That's why in my last post, i called today Music Friday! If i can help u find someone or something new i'm glad to do it :) Two COMPLETELY different artists and two different genres but there's no reason why u can't love both. Oh and did u get the title?Lol :)

Learn something new and live life xD,
Gabby G

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