Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Know this pretty rave girl.....

Found that song last week, while searching up all that Jessi Slaughter crap.

I love a lot of things and a lot of people, but a special place in my heart will always go to clothes and shopping. With the aunts i have that and parents, i'm spoiled so much that i have to love shopping and clothes.

Well i was trying to put some logos up, but as u can see that didn't work out so i'll just tell u my favorite shopping sites and give you a link!
Hot Topic is a place that i love, because it features some of the styles and brands that i love dearly like Tripp nyc and Iron fist+ Too fast
Karmaloop is one of my favorite places 2 shop because it has some pretty exclusive brands and exclusive stuff and me, i like 2 rock exclusive stuff! :) If u do feel like shopping here hit me up in the comments for a nice discount on ur stuff xD
Plndr is almost like Karmaloop ( seeing as they're both operated by the same people) but it's so much better in many different ways. This site has all of Karmaloop's exclusive brands and puts them on specials sales for VERY low prices. But its an invite only site sooo hit me up and ask 4 one or leave it in the comments!

I feel like with this blog, i'm gonna introduce the world to things that no one knows! I'm always happy 2 share my information( just try not to catch me in a bad mood or uh you.... well i'll let u figure that out+xD) Well i've got two more posts 2 give u today, so LOOK out 0.0!!!

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